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Berlin 068

Forgive the lousy photo, but preservation and destruction has been a lot on my mind as I'm just back from a few days in Berlin. The city has suffered a lot of destruction through bombing, but also through ideological decisions about demolishing evidence of previous regimes. So you end up with spaces like this.

What you can see is (left) the Marienkirche, which is a rebuilt but basically preserved 13th-14th century church. It should sit amid a tumble of narrow streets; instead it sits beside a dual carriageway, and on this open square. There are two other items on this square - the fountain, from the rise of Prussia as a great state, but without any context from buildings of the period. The palace which was once near here was levelled in the 1950s. And (right) the lower end of the massive Ferhsehturm, which is a Communist-era TV tower. It's basically redundant now, but it's such a landmark in the east of the city that it is also being preserved, as a signal of the city's past and for its retro chic.

Because the Marienkirche and the Fernsehturm are pretty tall and the fountain isn't, it's hard to get them all in shot together, but I've got slightly better pictures of them below the cut!

Berlin 064 Berlin 066 Berlin 067
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