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Smile please

September 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger


Dad has been doing some "bits" around the garden ... preserving the shed, and the fence ....
 photo DSC_0284_zpsc879d36b.jpg



A reminder that we need to do something about our fence. Like put it back up!
LOL - with a garden, there is always something to do.
That reminds me that we need to do that to our deck this year.
Yes, I need to do it to my furniture!
Those will be satisfying projects to get done, I'm sure.
It is great to tick items off the list, isn't it?
Thanks - when I saw the prompt I did wonder what I could do!
Hee, yes, that is a must at some point, unless you want it to fall apart.
Well rather than "fall apart" I prefer the term "rustic"!!!
Very fitting! Reminds me also of the paintwork to do at the house this year... *sigh* ;O)
I moved house a couple of years ago and am lucky that the double glazing is plastic - not as charming, but less annual work.
I can imagine! We have a wood house, inside and out, and quite unsual for our area of brick and concrete houses with a roughcast surface. Thanks to a special kind of paint, we only have to do it every 12 years or so, and still have some years to go until that; but there are several areas where we made mistakes with the first coat and now have already to work at it.
Our friends in Colorado had one like that - I thought it looked lovely, but that was my Dad's question - preservation of the wood.
A very wise thing to do. I know we used something like this on our fence and it lasted for 20 years. It was just a small, cheap, wooden fence and so I have to believe that the product is what kept it with us for so long.
My dad is more organised than me ... my fence still needs doing!