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Smile please

September 2019



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Cary Grant - gagged

debris4spike in photo_scavenger


I bet most of

 photo DSC_0285-2_zps13fe3616.jpg

communications are bills!!



Bills or advertisements! The written letter is a (nearly) lost art.
I have started to write letters by hand to family and friends, as I suddenly realised that I tend to just type ... but emails have taken over, haven't they?
Although there does seem to be an interesting package mixed in with the rest...
*g* - you spotted the DVD!!! (Thanks eBay!)
My dog would love it if paper magically appeared on the floor like that. :)
Our previous dog used to chew the "nice" letters and ignore the bills ... very bad!
Ha, a great response! But er, maybe not so fun to get. :D
Well there was a DVD in that set, so not too scary after all.
Oh - but one looks like an exciting padded envelope....
Oh yes a DVD had also arrived - Thanks eBay ... so not so scary after all!
My immediate reaction was to wish that our mail was delivered to the front door. That's a really good take on the prompt. I see there is something more interesting at the bottom of the pile.
As I read that it reminded me of trips to the USA and seeing all the mailboxes ... and some of the stunning desugns some people have.

Yes, there was a DVD in the heap - well spotted!
Yes, the lost art of written communication... *sigh* Well captured! I have gone back to writing holiday and travel postcards again, just for the sake of the written communication. Thankfully, some of our friends picked this up and are doing it again. So now and then there's some colourful square among the bills!
Yes, I have gone back to writing by hand to my Aunts and a couple of friends ... and using proper ink as well.

Much nicer, even if my writing is not always as neat as it should be.
LOL They certainly would be at my house! Great photo. I like that the one communication is still sticking in the slot.
My letter box has a draught excluder in it ... so the last piece usually gets stuck.