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Smile please

September 2019



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the_mad_hobbit in photo_scavenger

Baby Spice

 photo 037_zpsdca33841.jpg

The beginnings of my new herb garden. Had to leave a mature one when we moved but I have big dreams for this one.


ooh - clever! And the perfect icon, too!
Thank you! Whenever I work in my garden, I refer to it as "doing Sam duty". LOL
Those fresh herbs are going to be so delicious.
I've gotten into homemade salad dressings of late. Bottled stuff just doesn't cut it with me any more. That's where most of this is going.

That looks wonderful ... makes me wish I enjoyed gardening.
Nice answer to the prompt, and your herb garden looks full of energy. I can't grow basil here, it is not consistently warm enough, but I do have rosemary, thyme, mint, parsley, oregano and fennel, and in the winter I have them packed in bags in the freezer.
Have you ever tried growing basil inside? We can grow it outside in pots in summer, in theory - but we live in a very windy corner and have too little places with full sun all the day around the house, I started growing it inside. It needs a relatively large pot as it's getting very thirsty inside, but even in an Eastern window I usually have a considerable amount to harvest over most of the year.
I have considered it. I think it is the only way it could be done. Our front porch is very sunny, and has a window at the end of it, but I think even there I would need to to bring it in at night, as the nights are usually cold. We live in a very windy position too. It just hasn't been top of my list of things to do.
That's so lovely. I wish I had green fingers! I only grow weeds.
They all look so healthy! It seems that your garden is doing very well this year. : )
It's not doing too badly for a first year. I'll be working on the soil, of course.

This looks good already, and is a great answer to the prompt. Leaving a well-growing garden is always painful, I'd think, but missing out beloved herbs even more so. What is it you're using for mulch there? Pine needles? It looks like a good measure against slugs, though I don't know if you have that problem.
Good luck with a rich and delicious harvest!
Yes. The builder used pine needles so I did, too. I'll have to see how they work. I've also composted the bed heavily under the mulch.

We have slugs here but they are TINY, about an inch long. Where I used to live they were MUCH MUCH bigger.