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Smile please

September 2019



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Dr and Mrs

wildrider in photo_scavenger


Preservation in Phoenix is a rare thing. A year or two ago, I took this picture of a former Abby that had been closed and looked like it was probably going to be torn down:

I was passing buy a few days ago, and found out instead of it being razed to the ground, it's being preserved!


It looks as if it would be a rather nice place to live, too.
It does look like they're redoing the main house there in front for a single-family dwelling, but I'm not sure about the back, where the dormitories were -- it's starting to look like it may be apartments or a hotel or something.

I'm just glad they saved it rather than tearing it down.
What a neat building! I never would have pegged it for an abbey, though.
When it was occupied, there was never much to the outside -- a very simple order, I believe. Behind that main building is another, you can kind of see it in the "before" picture, which may have been the chapel, and then rows of dormitory buildings which they're likely making into apartments now.

I was just pleased to see SOMETHING being done with it!
That's always heart warming to see.
It's always nice to see recycling rather than total destruction.
I'm happy to see preservation. We lose so much of the identity of a place when we raze the past.
It looks like it would become a really great house or apartment. I love it when they restore instead of tearing old buildings apart.
OH! What a lovely surprise! I adore the new windows and it will be fun for you to watch it as it comes to life again. I hope you take photos throughout its rebirth.
Oh, what a lovely find! It's always wonderful when people get to the effort and expense to preserve old buildings, and even more so when it's rarely done in an area.