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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I don't have a terribly big spice rack - but it was made for me by my husband and my, then eight year old, daughter - a long time ago now.

Spice rack

The little bottles along the bottom are food colourings and flavourings.

And here is some rather nice, spicy, food -



You have the same odd range of brands that I have. When I can I decant into old Barts jars as they have a label of the lid which makes finding things easier.
Yes - there are M&S, Schwartz, Tesco and Waitrose, apart from a couple of mysterious little plastic bags that came from a market I think!
A homemade spice rack! That's wonderful. You use twice as many spices as I do.
It is a practical one - but I do use less spices than I used to - perhaps because I have lemongrass, chillies, garlic, and ginger in jars in the cupboard.
All of these spicy food pics are making me hungry!
We are clearly spicing up your appetite!
Oh, delicious food. You may think that's a small spice rack but it's bigger than mine. Hee, I would probably not even fill one shelf. Shows how much cooking I do. :o
I rather like my spice rack for sentimental reasons - but I do use the spices, too!
Now, I'm hungry! I love things that are home made. It makes them special at the very start.
I keep thinking a shiny new one might be nice - but it wouldn't have the sentimental value....
What a lovely rack, also with this history! The spicy food looks delicious.

As this is something I'm not familiar with - what do you usually use food colourings and flavours for? Apart from eggs and for some pink-neon green marble cake for teenager's birthday parties, colouring usually happens by ingredients only in the recipes I'm familiar with. I do love to use this kind of colouring where it is possible, though - curcuma, saffron, herbs/spinach, beetroot dishes...
I mainly use the colourings for when I'm decorating cakes or biscuits - such as these ones we did in Messy Church with the children -

messy church St Andrews, spring 2013 b

A couple of the little bottles are flavourings, too - there is peppermint, for making peppermint creams and chocolate mint brownies, and vanilla.
What lovely cakes! On the rare occasions I'm asked to do colourfully decorated muffins, I'm usually buying the deco, as it's easily available and I'm not very skilled at decorating cakes. I think next time I'll try some coloured icings and will be the star among my nieces, I suppose!
*g* I also keep forgetting that in English speaking countries, vanilla comes in bottles - hereabouts, you get vanilla beans or vanilla sugar for baking.