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The fruit of my labour

Oh dear, I'm so far behind, but life has been surprisingly busy lately, and to answer this prompt I needed certain weather-related requirements which meant I didn't manage it in the proper prompt week.

But finally, my entry for preserve - another one about canned goods. Not very original, but delicious - samples of my favourite home-made preserves ever:

Our old apple-tree, climbing fortress for cats, hanging post for the hammock, winter buffet for
countless birds, and manufacturer of the basics for apple juice and apple sauce. The sauce I make
myself, for the juice we bring the apples to the local co-op and get delicious, naturally cloudy,
sugar-fee juice for  ten cent the bottle.
Hard to the left of the apple tree, you see a small little tree we just re-planted: our quince tree.
Despite having been replanted six weeks ago, it has been blooming very beautifully (the blooming
tree pictures are acutally two weeks old, but the following took longer to make.) Quince marmalade
is my absolute favourite bread spread ever, closely followed by:

... rhubarb-ginger jam, which you see here in the making. The diced rhubarb had been mulling
with the diced ginger and sugar over night and is now cooking.

At the side, I'm trying rhubarb syrup for the first time. It smelled wonderful.

And this is the result. Five small bottles of syrup, twelve small jars of jam from about 5 kilos rhubarb.

These are my favourite preserves, missing two I had neither jars nor plants to shoot: elderflower jelly and
gingered sweet-sour pumpkin pickle. The jars always seem to vanish into thin air after some time.... *g*
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