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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Here are my fridge magnets as at about a month ago -

fridge magnets 002

And a close-up of one of my favourites -

fridge magnets 004

(The icon is another one of them.)


I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's fridge art. :)
It's fun, isn't it?
So neat and orderly! I'm afraid mine... aren't. LOL
I'm not sure why I have an urge to keep them in nice straight lines - but I do!
My dad is very much that way. When my mom was still living, they were always at odds over the arrangement of knick-knacks and refrigerator magnets. She prefer "artistically random" while he prefers "neat and orderly". I get tickled, now that she's passed, when I go to their place and see that he's gone around and moved everything into straight lines!
They are all nice, but the one promoting a clean kitchen has to be my fave. I don't think I will ever have a clean kitchen until I live by myself again, if that happens.
A totally clean kitchen is one no-one ever cooks in - like a show-house!
Yay ... and Spike!
The Spike magnet belongs to S2C - it was in a goody-bag at writerconuk a couple of years ago!
Cats and Tolkien! Looks a bit like my fridge. : )
By your fridge shall they know you....:)
Just like Spike to hang around with bad company!
Hee! At least Sauron didn't have stupid hair that stuck up....
I love your fav one too. We should have one like that at work!

Everyones fridges are so beautiful.
Yes - I can see it being a good motto for a work kitchen!
This is a great magnet collection, but your close-up is clearly my favourite. I could need one of those! Though the one mainly addressed by it wouldn't catch the joke, I fear. ;o)
It's good isn't it? But yes - some people need more than a hint!