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When we say 'Spice' around here, we are probably talking about this lovely lady.  This is my 'Spice'.

Spice is the darker half of a pair of litter-sisters that have lived with me since they were about
three months old and they are 13 now.  She is the even-tempered one and the follower.
Her sister, Ginger, is the leader and the one that can be aggressive when she wants to be.
They are yin yang.  We mostly refer to them as 'the twins'.

Spice is the one in the front with her eyes open.  Because of the pattern of their fur
it is sometimes hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

This is my favorite photo of the two of them together.  Spice is in the front.

Spice on her own.  It's hard to get a photo of one without the other.
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