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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger

Catching up

So, been made totally of fail the past few weeks, but trying to catch up here on Preserves, Spice, and Magnet. As you'll see, not much imagination went into any of them - although my double-door refrigerator does hold a lot of magnets....

boring preserves - all I had photo P1010583_zps97c581c3.jpg

boring spice cabinet photo P1010582_zps6fc96328.jpg

Left side of fridge photo P1010579_zps1859b9ba.jpg

Right side of fridge photo P1010578_zpsb37c570b.jpg


Seeing other people's spices is oddly fascinating.

And I see you have a magnet with the same motto as this one in my icon!
Aha, but in your case it's a joke. I really don't like to cook or spend a lot of time in the kitchen. :)
Those are great.

And now I'm curious to taste that jam! What a great-sounding flavor.
I'm assuming it's going to be delicious. I love black raspberries in most things.
It's fascinating to see the contents of other people's cupboards, a voyeuristic experience. I'm also wondering what that jam tastes like, it sounds wonderful!
I'll let you know. LOL
Ooh, I didn't know Smucker's made a black raspberry/blackberry jam! I'll have to get a jar. We have wild black raspberries everywhere here and they're my favorite berry to go picking. Very few make it back to the house!

And "Housework causes warts"! I *knew* there was something unhealthy and unsavory about doing housework...
I did not get the memo that Spike was to be featured on every refrigerator!

Mine roams all over the house. (Actually, he moved to Kansas City and lives with my DIL now. That Spike--he gets around.)
Hahah, there's some funny magnets. And Spike again? He seems very popular.

Mmm. Blackberry jam!
How fascinating it is to get glimpses into other person's store and spice cupboards! :o) You have a lovely and quite interesting magnet collection as well! Love that one about the warts.