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Smile please

September 2019



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Carolyn - Red

spikereader in photo_scavenger

Catch Up - Sign, Communicate, Store

I can't believe I've got so far behind - I've been taking/finding the photos, but not getting round to posting them. So here's catch up no 1:


Week 16 - Sign

From a day out at Dan-yr-Ogof Caves a couple of years ago - they have lots of dinosaurs there too (and my immediate response to the sign for this particular one was 'TIS!')

Modern communication - my daughters' Face Timing each other, one downstairs and the other upstairs.

Week 17 - Communicate

We needed to store a large part of the contents of our house last year when we were having some major building works done - hundreds of orange doorways leading to storage units of varying sizes.

Week 18 - Store (1) Week 18 - Store (2)

(We still have stuff in storage, but have downsized to a much smaller unit!).


I'm chuckling as I'm reading your take on modern communication, because my daughter literally just now called me, on the phone, from her bedroom, asking me to fix her lunch! I told her I was not the Chinese takeout place and don't deliver, but I would nonetheless fix her a sandwich she could pick up herself in the kitchen!

Silly kids!
*g* My daughter has been known to text me from the back of the car!! I hope yours appreciates her sandwich. :)
I like the sign!

I've just given up our storage unit at the urging of S2C and D-d.
Storage units are a blessing and a curse, I think. Ours is now full of stuff that we don't need at home, but can't bring ourselves to get rid of.
My storage unit is the guest bedroom. No one is spending the night there in the foreseeable future! Maybe by winter...

Is that a toaster in the background with your daughter? So cute!
Unfortunately our spare bedroom looks a bit like a storage unit as well at the moment!

The toaster in the background is actually a china teapot, bought when we were on holiday last year (they had all sorts of different designs and interesting takes on the teapot).
Great takes on the prompts! What would kids of today do if they were suddenly thrown back into the world of our youth, without interwebs, when phones still had cables and rotary dials and there were just three channels on TV (at least in my country)? *g* I actually once overheard two youngsters on a bus talking about "back then in the Middle Ages, before they had the internet".