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Smile please

September 2019



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Carolyn - Red

spikereader in photo_scavenger

Catch Up 2 - Preserve, Spice, Magnet


A preserved tree - which I've had for at least 25 years.

Week 19 - Preserve

We have a feline Spice as well - here she is inspecting some of the building work last summer:

Week 20 - Spice

And it's fridge magnets for me (though some of them are on the magnetic notice board too). I'm slowly building up my collection again - somewhere there is an ice-cream tub full of magnets of various sizes and shapes which didn't get transferred from our old fridge to the new one. The most recent addition is one from Colchester Zoo which we visited on Monday.

Week 21 - Magnet (1) Week 21 - Magnet (2)


Your Spice is a cutie pie. :)
Thank you :) (Though she might look cute, but is really evil, according to my girls, anyway *g*)
What an amazing tree!
I think so too - just wish I hadn't kept it on the windowsill for the first few years as it has faded a little.
Spice is a sweetie. I love the dab of tan on her nose.

Like you I have an ice cream container full of frig magnets from out last move. That was 7 years ago. I will find them some day!
She is sweet - but can also be evil!!

Our container of magnets turned up when we were sorting out stuff to go into storage, and has now disappeared again, so it's quite possibly in the storage unit. As you say, they will be found some day.
What a brilliant tree, and a lovely picture of Spice. And aha! I spot a WriterConUK magnet... :)
The tree is one of my favourite things (and it came from Marks & Spencers, of all places). And well spotted! :D
I'm generally not good with houseplants, but I've had one for about 35 years! It's obviously very forgiving. Is your preserved tree alive?
Some houseplants will last for years (even when you don't want them to, sometimes!). The tree isn't alive though, but it is a real tree (don't know what they did to it to preserve it).
That tree has lasted a long time.

Aw, what a cute Spice. :D

And you have a lot a lovely magnets.
What a great take on preserve! I have been given bonsai trees twice, but unfortunately they didn't last - each one met its fate in the hands of the person who took care of our plants during our summer holiday.
Your "Spice" is a feline beauty, and your magnet collection quite impressive.