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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


These days we can post letters and parcels using an automated machine in the supermarket - without even needing a stamp...

stamp 1

But at least we still have some old fashioned places to post our letters...

stamp 2

For a close-up of the post-box, to show how I know how old it is

stamp 3

For the non-Brits looking at this - the post-boxes show the reigning monarch of the time they were made, as it is The Royal Mail. This one was made during the reign of George VI - so some time between 11 December 1936 – 6 February 1952.


No stamp? Someone is going to get disappointing post!
It is a really boring way to do it, isn't it? I don't use it though - I go to the wee post office counter in a small shop instead - but it was too busy to take a picture. Even though the guy who runs it is as cheerful and smiley as the love child of Eeyore and Marvin the paranoid android!
I hope charming post boxes like that are never completely replaced by modern technology.
So do I - almost every wee village and hamlet has one, and they are such a part of the landscape that they would be very missed.
What will stamp collectors do when the machines take over?
Goodness knows - but I think the stamp will be with us for a good while yet - this is the only one of these DIY machines I have seen so far!
I like the old post boxes...!! Reminds me of Miss Marple.
Me too. I think I must see if I can collect a whole set from Victoria to Elizabeth - I think it might be hard to find an Edward VIII one, though.
Ooh yes.... bet they are rare!!
Oh, that's a huge machine!

I love British mail boxes. And it's lovely it says when they are made too. I didn't know that.

The machine has weighing scales for parcels - and I guess it looks so big to bring the computer screen up to eye level, because I can't see any other reason for it being so enormous either!

Some day, on my journal, I will have to do a post-box post, as I have quite a few pics of them taken over the years.
The old and new. The new seems rather austere and lacking character, but it will probably feel nostalgic to the next generation. "Do you remember when we had to go to the supermarket for postage instead of squishing our eye implants? Those were the days!"
Yes - hard to imagine getting nostalgic over the blue box in Shoprite - but I guess, in time, people will be!
You have the loveliest post-boxes! ♥ And also so beautiful shots showing them off. We just have the boring generic yellow ones which haven't changed since my childhood, and are the same everywhere. German bureaucracy, of course. On the other hand, no automated post machines either, though there often are stamp machines in front of the post offices and post boxes for parcels stamped online - just for parcels, though; not for small packets. As the post offices get fewer and fewer, the trip to the next cornershop-with-posting-facilities usually is more effective.
We have some more ordinary pillar boxes, too, but the ones out in the country are more photogenic.

And, like you, we do more and more of our post-related things in small shops rather than post-offices - and now, it seems, we are going to be doing-it-ourselves without even the lady in the corner shop.
I hope the lady gets her share for it! We didn't use to have many cornershops at all, but since the post offices were closing down and doing this shop-in-shop thing with small shops, they grew nicely alive. Most are newsagents/dry cleaners or a combination of both, also often flower shops, and the shop types profit nicely from that marriage, particularly since the guys in the corner shops often have more knowledge about fees and whatever than the ones in the actual post office!