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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger


Trying to catch up, sorry have no idea which week this is supposed to be.

My frig is very pedestrian: at the top a souvenir card from Thailand, below it the council's collections dates for garbage, recycling and other. The one at the bottom shows how to read the water meter.

On the other side we have the bus timetable, and various other magnets, mostly giving phone numbers.

I have a lot of magnets in an ice cream container, which I remember seeing just after we moved house. One day I will find them. They were more interesting.


I like this. It's informative stuff you can use. Mine has no useful stuff at all on it.
I love seeing folks' fridge magnets. :)
I do too, but I like the pretty ones. One day I will find mine.
I love it when businesses offer magnets. It's much handier to just glance at the fridge instead of hauling out a phone book or looking it up online.
I wish some of our taxi firms and things put into on fridge magnets, it would be very useful.
I agree that it is very useful. A lot of Australian businesses use these as a marketing tool. At least you know where to look, and if you have failing eyesight as I do it makes life easier.
It's very utilitarian. When we have paperwork we'll need soon, we put it on the fridge. It keeps us from misplacing it.
It's always good to have notes and such in a visable and central place. :)
You know, using fridge magnets as ad space is a very sensible idea - never seen it before, but this could be so useful. Having an utilitarian and not only decorative collection of them is a new take on this prompt, so yeah. :o)
Frig magnets are a very common form of advertising in Australia, and a useful one.