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September 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger


When I was a kid Dad loved his stamp collections, and he worked at keeping the books lovely. Sadly by the time I was a teen he started a Masters degree, then a PhD and although he said he would get back to them, he never has (yet!)

It is also fascinating to also see countries that either no longer exist, or change their names ...
 photo DSC_0359-2_zpsd501e3de.jpg



There have been so many countries coming and going over the past 30 years! What lovely hand-writing at the top of the pages.
I loved how he wrote those pages.

Yes, it was fascinating looking at them again for this photo prompt.
My dad has books just like that, and at age 85, I think he's still keeping up with them!
I shall have to get dad to try to catch up the last 30+ years then!
My granddad was an avid stamp collector, meticulously keeping them all in check and aligned in special albums... he "only" collected Germany, the former GDR and Switzerland, though, so no fascinating and later lost countries. But many of my memories of him are him sitting at his desk, quietly working at his stamp albums. I can well imagine your father doing the same, the way these pages look suggests the same kind of earnest concentration spent over them.
I still have memories of him reorganising pages and placing them in careful rows, with special "stickers" ... he loved it, but sadly for him, RL took over.

Dad has a quite a few German stamps ... most of his were from people he actually knew who wrote to him, or other family members.
What lovely stamp books. Much as it would save trees and general waste, I rue the day when electronic communication makes stamps obsolete.
I have gone back to writing with actual ink to Aunts and friends, because letters are special to receive ... I know the enviroment is not as happy, but there is something about a nice envelope with a fancy stamp waiting for you.
That is really fun to have. I wish my dad had his collection in order.
Maybe you should organise them for him ;D

I shall leave Dad's as they are - my help would not be as neat as these are.
Hmm, yes, that is something to think about. :)
A great deal of love as gone into those albums. They are beautifully laid out, and the calligraphy of the headings is most impressive.
Those pages are stunning, aren't they? I have never been able to write anything like that.
So beautifully titled!

I tell my kids the reason it's so hard for older people to keep up with things is because we've learned it one way, but it keeps changing!
It was interesting to look through his albums ... just to see changing geographical names.
What lovely albums to have to look back through, a wealth of history between those pages - and your Dad's calligraphy is beautiful.
Isn't Dad's writing lovely - he has only just lost that ability ... something he never passed onto me!