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Smile please

September 2019



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James - pointing finger

debris4spike in photo_scavenger


My Dad had actually left school before WWII started, and although he only went to the "local" school he was taught to work with copper.

When my parents married, and they were waiting for the stork to arrive (!) they did a bit of travelling in Europe, and the odd coins leftover were put in Dad's copper pot ... since then a few other coins have been added and it is now full ... lots of travel memories for them.

 photo DSC_0358-1_zps0438e340.jpg



Dragon treasure!

That's a great way to store memories.
*g* - I love the idea of the dragon treasure!
That's a lovely pot and a lot of memories.
It is special to him ... and me!
What a lovely memory! And what treasures there must be, going back so far in time already.
It is good to just see a few old British coins in there as well - a lot of memories.
What a fantastic little copper pot, and a great place for storing coins like those.
It is a great pot ... I should clean it more often!
That's a beautiful little pot. I am rather taken with the flower-shaped coin near the front of the picture.
I will admit when I upended the pot for the photo I looked for that coin as it has always fascinated me as well.
It's fun to keep those coins and memories. That's real nice copper pot!

Memories are so important, aren't they?
Your Dad's copper pot is beautiful, and what treasure trove it contains. There must be an interesting memory attached to every one of those coins.
It is great to see the pot ... and then when you peep inside, the interest increases.
I love copper--it's such a beautiful metal. Such a lovely copper pot!
Copper and brass are so "warm" looking, aren't they?
That is so very cool. All those memories of adventures. I love it.
There is so much "history" in that small pot.
Such a beautifully rich colour on your dad's copper pot. And like with the stamps, I bet there are many coins in there for countries and currencies that no longer exist.
Certainly the currencies have changed - as there are some old English coins in there from when I was a kid.

I really must go back and look at them all.