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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Catching up: stamp, coins, toys

Old and new toys - re-using a shot I did last month for a podfic icon *g*

My most favourite toys ever have been books and bricks - Lego bricks mainly.
My dad fell in love with Lego when it first came out in Germany, and justified spending some of his little money on it by getting it for his baby daughter. So I literally grew up with the coloured bricks - and back then there were only white, blue and red ones and nothing else - no windows or roof tiles, no wheels  or figures... *g*  The Lego love has stuck, I'm kind of collecting some of the sets of the fandoms I love and even undo and redo them from time to time.
The mic is my newest toy since I was introduced to recording podfic and read_lotr_aloud...
- - - - - - -

Some of my favourite things on stamps...

When I was small my grandfather introduced me to collecting stamps. I haven't kept up with doing that properly for long, but have kept all stamps I find beautiful in a box, just cut out of the envelope. These are my favourites of the last few years.
- - - - - -
These two are my lucky coins staying in my wallet all the time:

A Danish one-crown piece and the last fifty <i>pfennig</i> piece I got before we switched to the Euro.


I like the idea of lucky coins. I'd like to start carrying some of those around. :)
I'm quite sure by today that they indeed are lucky! :o)
LOTR/Hobbit legos! I always giggle at Legolas being cast as a Lego. *g* And is that Aragorn or Kili atop them all? I wanted an Aragorn Lego but the price was too steep to buy the collections that included him (or any of them, really, as I'm not much on collecting and I don't have room nor time to actually play with the Legos, which is what I'd do. *sigh* That must be a sign I'm too busy....)
" I always giggle at Legolas being cast as a Lego."
:o))) *points to curiouswombat's icon further down*

The one at the top is Kili. I have been very reasonable when the LotR sets came out, not getting any for the same reasons, and only caved in some years later with Harry Potter. I rediscovered then the fun of building the sets, and have treated myself to several since then. Sometime my old love for Lego really resurfaced, and now I'm waiting for opportunities to treat myself with some of the sets... so far I have only one, the smallest containing elves - which included Legolas. Since there is no Elrond anyway...
I do love your wee Lego figures.

the stamps are all like tiny works of art - and I really like the idea of keeping that last fifty pfennig piece.
;o) And I so love your icon!

I just wish I could get enough different hairs to make myself all the elves I'd like - Elrond, Glorfindel, Erestor, the Els, but also Celeborn and Galadriel, Thranduil (though the latter migth yet come as proper Lego)... there are enough bodies and robes from old sets and one visit to a Lego store I can clothe them, I think, but afaik it's not possible to get "solitary" hair. My dream come true would be to be able to build myself a Rivendell.

Edit: (Sorry, got carried away by thinking about Lego Elrond... *blushes* ) The tiny works of art is what intrigues me most about stamps. I have several I love to put in tiny frames and hang at the wall in a small collection, like the sailing ship and the strawberries. I don't know, but having been introduced to stamps by my Granddad at a very young age might have influenced me towards doing art history later on. ;o)

Edited at 2013-06-14 09:17 am (UTC)
Lego Rivendell would be quite something!When I was at Tolkien 2012, someone won the lego boxed set of Helm's Deep - and this was the sight that greeted us next morning! Some 'boys' just can't wait until they get home!
:o)))) I would have been green with envy (in fact, I'm still ogling the Helm's Deep set with large eyes and hope that I will find a reason soon to treat myself to it, as well as Orthanc later...)
What kind of con/meeting is "Tolkien 201X"?
This was Tolkien 2012.

You can read about my adventures there if you go to the Tolkien 2012 tag on my journal.

Oh, I like your lego! :D

Those stamps are really beautiful.

I love that some Danish coins have hearts on them. So cute.
Yes, aren't they? We used to spend all my childhood holidays on a Danish island, and I always got my pocekt money in one- and two-crown pieces, which I carried around on a string like a necklace. Later this went down to wearing one of those on a string because it's so pretty.
I love the idea of teeny framed stamps. Could be so attractive on the right bit of wall.

When my children were small, I loved being a mother, but I hated "playing" with them. They were always wanting me to join in their play time, and I found it very boring! Then, I found LEGOs. I'd agree to play if we could get the LEGOs out. I really tried to be a good mother, but I was certainly lacking in the "play" gene. Thank goodness for LEGOs.
I can so well relate to that! Being the oldest sibling I was always expected to play with my sisters, but I never wanted in the way they played. They were much into the role-playing with dolls and animals, while I preferred building things, playing with bricks and cars, or creating things. The best times were when I was making new stuff for their dolls and barbies! *g*
This hasn't changed much. I'm having two of my nieces alternatively with me each Monday afternoon. The elder one prefers to play by herself with an audience, like asking questions, having the adult as kid, patient, restaurant guest or whatever she prefers. The small one wants more active participation, and I don't really like that as well. Since she's been upgraded to "small legos", we're having much more of a common base! *g*
Very cool catching up post! I love the coins! I also enjoyed seeing your stamps. I don't have many of those. Great toys too. Nothing better than books and Legos!
Nothing better than books and Legos!
Indeed! While I love the themed Legos, and my nieces their pink-and-girlie sets, the base is the brick and nothing else. I'm quite happy to give that on to my nieces and nephews - we're forever building Legos when one of them is here, and there are reading aloud sessions no matter what... ;o)
I've got a huge box of red, white and blue original lego blocks (though I think it has got a few window and chimney pieces in as well, from a house set I was bought when about 7 or 8). My girls have never wanted to play with it, although they will still play with the larger blocks that they loved from about age 3 given half a chance!