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September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger


I have been collecting stamps since I was a young child, and these are just a few Australian stamps that I had put away in an envelope. Going through these caused me to think a thesis could be written on the evolvement of stamps, since they are quite a social history in themselves. The one on the right hand side, with Queens Elizabeth's orange head to the left of it was a commemorative stamp for the 1956 Olympic Games which were held in Melbourne. They are the only games I have attended. The 2nd one down from it also commemorates an Olympic games but I needed a magnifying glass to determine which one it was.


I'd love to find a stamp from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, the only games *I* ever attended. Maybe I will...
What a wonderful selection - stamps really are both history and small works of art.
That is a wonderful collection of stamps. I'm way behind on the prompts just now and I'm not sure what I'll do for stamps. That may be a bit of a hard one for me.
Thanks. I will be interested to see what you come up with. There are Visa stamps if you have a passport.
Hey, that's an idea! I do have a passport if the stamps will show up that might just work. Thanks!
A lifetime in miniature.
A lovely collection, and a beautiful shot of them.

a thesis could be written on the evolvement of stamps, since they are quite a social history in themselves.
Absolutely! There is so much that goes into them one never realises. My granddad used to tell me quite a bit about it when I was small, and he gave me a subscription for a year where I got all the new ones coming out in Germany of the time, together with an explanation about the creating of the stamp, choosing the subject, the artist and so on.
The Australian Post Office produces a book each year with a display of all the new stamp releases for the year, and information about them. I often wonder how many children collect stamps these days. I used to find it wonderfully interesting, and I suppose these days you could Google to get more information on the country of origin, etc.
I suppose collceting stamps for kids today would be a much more difficult task, as much less letters are sent - making the hunt more exciting, perhaps? :o) My grandfather used to have several penpals just for the sake of exchanging beautiful stamps, and I have kept the tradtition of always getting the non-standard ones, if possible, or at least proper ones not from a machine or self-adhesive.
Other countries' stamps always seem so much brighter and more interesting than those we get in the UK, and these are absolutely beautiful. We do get special sets and issues of stamps but these are rarely seen on envelopes.
I think special issues are a moneymaking concern for the Australian Post Office. They also sell stationery, printers, books, CD's, etc. They don't make much money from postage these days, the most profitable arm of their business is parcel deliveries. They were smart enough to get in early and take advantage of the possibilities of online purchasing. You can track your parcel's progress online. I remember once I was tracking a purchase I had made, and I got the message 'on board with the driver'. He pulled up about 2 minutes later!

I'm glad you enjoyed looking at these.