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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


Toys - there are girls' toys...

toys 011

Those are the toys my daughter cannot bear to pass on but can't quite get around to taking with her, so they live on a shelf in her old bedroom.

and then there are definitely

Boys' toys...

Tolkien 2012 building Helm's Deep

And Big Boys' Toys...

toys 007


Oooh, I wouldn't mind a ride in one of those big boys' toys.
They are all Caterhams - a UK branch of the owners club seemed to be having a weekend on the island - apart from these five, we saw maybe half a dozen more heading in the direction of this spot as we drove back to my Mum's village.
I must admit... I never followed gender roles when it came to toys. I did love stuffed animals and went through the Barbie doll phase, but most of the time I was far more likely to be found playing with Legos, cars, swords, and bows and arrows!
Actually D-d had a world-class collection of Lego - it filled a large blanket chest and we had four or five ships, a couple of islands, a castle or two, as well as all the bricks to build as much other stuff as she and her dad could ever want - but she passed all that to one of the young boys at church about 5 or 6 years ago - whilst a university student.

The dolls were given away much earlier, and the dolls house at much the same time as the Lego... but those particular soft toys all have sentimental value for one reason or another so have not followed the same path!
Yay for D-d's Legos! I have given away (or rather: permitted my sisters to inherit) all but two small stuffed animals, dolls and other toys, but I kept the Legos. *g*
Some day I must remember to write about her trip to Legoland UK when she was about 13...
I want a few of the toys in that last photo. These are all great.
It was pure good luck that they happened to be there when I took the dog down for a walk yesterday afternoon - and immediately I thought 'Boys toys!'
No matter how old we become, we enjoy our toys! I keep teasing my husband that I "need" a Thunderbird ('56 or '57), but he isn't convinced it's a need. Considering how much we've spent lately, I think we "need" to stop spending money!
I keep teasing my husband that I "need" a Thunderbird ('56 or '57),

Seems like a reasonable request....
Great selection! For probably not very surprising reasons I love the boy's toys best - and would contest them being described as boy's toys! ;o) Firmly supported by my nieces who are as crazy about Lego now as I were at their age. :o)))
The idea of 'boys toys' just fitted nicely - with the two men playing with Lego Helm's Deep, and then seeing the Caterhams - which sort of made the stuffed toys the girl's toys... :)
Are those Caterham Sevens? I know I'm going to be over-run with soft toys left behind when my two leave home!
They are, indeed, Caterham sevens - there were quite a lot of them around over the weekend.

And yes - I bet you'll have just as big, or bigger, collection of soft toys in a few years time.