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Smile please

September 2019



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Do Not Want

wildrider in photo_scavenger


I'm going to try and play catch-up the next few posts, so first...


These are my toys, thank you - no need for cats (or kids) to be messing around up here on top of my desk!


It's nice to see a glimpse of Bob Boze Bell's work peeking out from behind the TARDIS.
Oh, wow, someone who knows Boze! One time when I went to a radio promotion, back when he was still on the air in Phoenix, I had to show off my Billy the Kid Regulators license plate to him. I have all his illustrated western books, both volumes on Billy.

I framed that issue of Arizona Highways a million years ago, it seems!
Ninja ducky!!!

What a happy collection!
That's a fun assortment.
That looks like a fascinating selection of toys!
You have an impressive collection.
It looks familiar! My husband has a Tardis, our son collects monkeys (including the one with the green cape), my daughter has a collection of Lucky Cats, and I've given odd rubber duckies in Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. Fun!
What a great collection! So much Doctor Who! I love that. My Dalek bank is sitting on the shelf behind me along with my Tardis bank so I am drawn to the Doctor Who stuff. Also love the Easter Island heads.
I am both proud and a little alarmed at my TARDIS collection (there are three different sonic screwdrivers laying there -- Ten's, Eleven's, and River Song's -- Barb has Three's sonic over on her desk...). I had to get the Easter Island heads when they were on clearance at ThinkGeek because, well, Eleven did comment about how they worshiped him there... :D

A lovely collection - and totally foreign to me in regards to pop culture. *g* I know what most is, but never came across most of it before the internet days, as it wasn't part of my country's pop culture. Even stuffed monkeys were rather unusual, one usually rather had bears or dogs.
Well, I figure the Doctor has gotten pretty universal these days; the Disney and Japanese Lucky Cats, not sure (I can't remember when I first became aware of the Lucky Cats -- I was a Japanese fan back in the late 70's and early 80's, so it may have been pre-Internet days!).

The monkeys, well, those are getting popular, probably because of "Code Monkey" giving rise to all us office workers being "cubicle monkeys." :)