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Smile please

September 2019



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spikereader in photo_scavenger


So much for keeping up-to-date!

Week 22 - Stamp

I don't collect and keep stamps in an album, but this is a collection that was in the pocket of my handbag waiting to be taken in to work, as our receptionist sends used stamps off to the RSPB when she's got an envelope full. I presume they sell them on as a fund-raiser.


A very colorful pile!
Most of them came from Christmas cards, so there were some coloured envelopes as well to make the pic a bit more interesting.
I see Santa! :)
Yes, they were mostly from this year's Christmas cards. :)
That is an interesting pile. I see the queen still appears on many of your stamps, but sadly no longer does on ours. Her head is still on the back of our coinage though. Talk of a republic has reared it's ugly head again. It will happen eventually, but I hope I won't be round to see it. I see great advantage in having a non political authority.
I'm pretty sure the queen's head appears on all our stamps, even if it is very small on stamps with special pictures on.
How nice that they are used as a fundraiser.
Yes, it doesn't take much to tear the stamp from the envelope, rather than just throwing it away.
A beautiful pile, and a nice collection. We have similar fund-raising opportunities as well, and while I keep a beautiful one of each of the non-standard ones, I collect the rest to be sent to one of these charities.
Thanks :) It's nice to be able to do something useful with the used stamps rather than just throw them in the recyling bin.
I like the pigs. That's a great stamp. For someone who doesn't collect them, you certainly have some interesting one.