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September 2019



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Heyer - wealthy mortification

spikereader in photo_scavenger


Week 23 - Coins

Yes, we've got one too, the copper collecting pot for all those 1p, 2p (and it seems 5p) coins that take up so much space in your pocket or purse. The pot isn't very full at the moment as it's only just been emptied and the contents taken to the Coin Star machine at the local supermarket - it takes quite a while to fill up as it's about 8" tall.


Another nifty pot for putting spare change in!
Yep, it's no wonder that small change is in sort supply!
What a lovely pot for your treasure.
Thank you - it was a Christmas present from my husband many years ago.
What a beautiful pot you keep them in!
Thanks! Chris bought it for me for Christmas several years ago (I think he was short on ideas, as I got several useful and attractive storage pots that year *g*).
What a beautiful container. I keep mine in an old vegemite jar. I'm surprised by the size of your copper coins. Ours have been reduced in size to the size of a sixpence, but heavier. Even so, they do build up, don't they.
Thanks. Yes, the 2p piece is quite large, and just a few of them take up lots of space as well as being heavy, so they get cleared out of purses and pockets fairly swiftly.
We used to save our change as a slush fund for our kids to use when they lived at home, but I think we just spend it now.
If there's a charity collecting tin at the till I'll put any coppers I get in change in there, but otherwise the pot gets it!
Beautiful picture! I've never heard of something like Coinstar machines and had to google to find out. Very practical! We used to save the pennies and bring them to the bank from time to time, but nowadays even if you count them beforehand and roll them up in paper they don't like to deal with it. We have our own system now: a pot where my hubby puts his loose change inside and I take it out, always taking enough to make up an Euro or two to pay with it when possible. The shop assistants and waitresses usually are quite gratefull for some copper.
Glad you enjoyed the picture. I used to hate bagging it up and taking it into the bank, so was glad to be able to use the Coinstar instead. I never remember to look in the pot when I need just a pound or two.
I love the little pot. So pretty!