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Smile please

September 2019



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spikereader in photo_scavenger


I couldn't face going into the girls' bedrooms to see what toys they had round and about (and most of Ellen's are still in boxes in the lockup), so here we have some cat toys:

Week 24 - Toys

Week 24 - Toys (train1)

Week 24 - Toys (train2)

I think I've mentioned before his love of trains - this extends to building his own layouts for his 'N' gauge engines. These two were sent away for specialist 'weathering' so that they looked authentically dirty rather than pristinely painted. It cost a fortune!!


I had no idea you could send off trains to a "weathering" specialist. One lives and learns!
He had them done last summer - until then I hadn't realised it either! I'm sure I could have done a fairly good job for him, for much less money. *g*
Nick & Tim both had train sets - but they got given away or sold as they "grew up" ... Tim now regrets that.

Didn't realise weathering was something you could get done!
Chris has always done trains, he'll work on a layout for a couple of years then tear it apart and then start on a new one. It's something he used to do with his dad, so has special memories for him as well.
Your husband would love the model train museum in my town. :)
I'm sure he would - we've been to many exhibitions over the years, but never an actual museum.
Oooh - trains! The 'weathering'' is really good - even if expensive.

S2C used to do that sort of thing when he painted war game figures and RPG figures. Perhaps we ought to ask how much he'd charge, next time!
I have to watch him whenever we're in Wales now - the shop he took them to is in Cardiff. I'm sure S2C could do just a good a job!

(Love your icon, brilliant)
Aww bless! Is this why you had the extension! LOL!!
:D If he'd had his way, then yes, the extension would have had a purpose built track all round the edge. Unfortunately he's been relegated to the spare room again. One day, he'll have a train room and I'll have a library. *g*
That is a really impressive train set, and I love the attention to detail. It must have taken hours and hours of love to create it.
There are indeed hours of love in that layout - it's been on the go for a good two years, if not three. I always hate it when he decides to break a layout apart so that he can start a new one, after all the time and effort he's put in.
I love the trains! Are these set up in an attic or basement? Such beautiful details.
Glad you liked them. My husband's dearest wish would be for a dedicated room for his trains, unfortunately even with the new extension that's not possible. The layout was in the conservatory (now defunct) when I took the picture, now it's in the spare room and has to be packed away when visitors are imminent.
A fun combination of toy varieties! :o) I love the weathered look of the engines and can well imagine the cost. My father has started in his late years to fullfill his childhood dreams with a large layout, slowly growing since years - it's also gauge 'N', if I translate this correctly; it's the smallest one, isn't it? He doesn't have weathered engines yet, though, as far as I know.
Great shots of it, too! I'm currently working at getting shots of his trains right, but didn't do too well yet.
Yes, N gauge is the smallest one. That's nice that your father is achieving something he's wanted to do for so long - I think that when we're older and the children have left home Chris will take a room to have as a dedicated train room.
The model trains are just wonderful! My grandfather had some when I was young. I love them. And cat toys are always welcome. I have a house full of those. : )