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Stamp and Words...

Since I'm impossibly far behind in posting, I'll beg your indulgence and use one set of photos for two prompts. :)


This is my daughter's chop (or seal) of her name in English and Chinese that we had made in China when we adopted her:

 photo e4ebc76f-5127-4a0f-94b7-a29adfd30492_zps7861eabc.jpg

You make it with this stamp:

 photo get-attachment_zpsa6e863e2.jpg

Which is on the bottom of this (made from some sort of stone, and decorated with the Year of the Rabbit motif, which is the year she was born):

 photo get-attachment_zpsc9122e1b.jpg

With a sort of waxy ink that comes in this bowl:

 photo get-attachment_zpsb3d8fa88.jpg

Which is stored with the chop in this green brocade, velvet-lined box:

 photo 4f999c3b-112a-42f4-89f9-cfc688424194_zpsc947e445.jpg

Which has a lid with Chinese Words on it, which is the second prompt for this post:

 photo get-attachment_zpsa3052e6b.jpg
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