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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger


A day late, but two pics to make up for it.

These were both taken of shelves in one of our extra bedrooms that is being groomed to be a place for grandchildren to stay when they spend the night. Hence, that's where I store whatever toys we have left around here.

This one is a shelf of children's books with a couple of small toys in front of them

 photo P1010701_zpsebe0f001.jpg

This higher shelf has doll furniture that belonged to one of my grandmothers.

 photo P1010700_zps67477a5d.jpg


I would have *loved* to read and play with those things when I was a child.
I did!
I would have loved to visit when I was a child. Give me a book and I am happy. Love the doll's furniture too.

I used to have a box of toys for my grandson to play with when he visited for the afternoon. Trouble was he always wanted to take something home with him.
*nods* That has been an occasional issue, but not often so far. :)
I have some of those Junior Classics. Love the old furniture.
Much (most?) of what I know/knew for years was a result of reading those books when I was very young. Norse gods? check! Greek gods and myths? check! Poe stories? check! and so on. They are a wonderful introduction to so many things, some of which may become adult interests.
The doll's furniture looks wonderful - I do hope you have grandchildren who will enjoy the books when they visit.
Well, the only ones old enough to read right now are step-grandchildren who aren't hear that often. But it won't be long...
That doll furniture is awesome! How cool to have some dating back so long... I'll hope there will be some grandchildren's doll soon happily using it.
It has probably lasted this long because it is an awkward size. A bit too big for many bendable dolls, and of course, much too small for real little people. But it is awesome looking. Hmmm... maybe I can write a story about elves or fairies......
:o) That is always a good idea!
I love the little cars. We have a bucket full of them here somewhere from when my son was small.