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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger


Still not caught up, but here is my post on toys.

The little Singer was my Xmas gift when I was 10 years old, I used to make clothes for my dolls on it, although I graduated to my Mum's electric Singer soon after. As you can see I still like to sew. The camera is a given, since photography is one of my major interests now.
The computer is my major source of entertainment.


Lovely set of toys:-)
Thanks. They make me happy.
Ooooooooh they are all very very pretty! Especially the singer. So sweet! Does it still work?
I would have loved to have a sewing machine as a child.
What a lovely wee sewing machine - and what a lovely big one, too
I love your old Singer.

The computer and camera are my very favorite "toys," too.
Everyone has commented on the little Singer. Sadly it has been manhandled by all my nephews and nieces over the years, and has lost some working parts.
Ooooh, look at that Singer! ♥ What a treasure! And to have been your own one is even more awesome. I loved to do all kinds of needlework as a kid - still do, actually, though I have yet to get a sewing machine of my own. I have a cheap one, but of course it doesn't work properly and wasn't worth getting it. Singer obviously is the typcial one over here, I think it's even difficult to get a Husqvarna at all - if somebody mentions having one, it's usually rather a power saw. *g* During one of our holidays in Sweden we've been to Huskvarna where the company originated, and visited the museum, which was very interesting.
When you mentioned Husquvarna power tools you made me grin too. They are far better known for those. My previous sewing machine was Bernina, and I much preferred it. This one i have now is computerised, something I would have preferred to do without. The toy Singer no longer works. It was at my mother's home for many years, and played with by all the grandchildren. As a result some of the parts were lost.

By the way, I did get your message, and tried to answer it. Will try again today. I have added you to my friends list. Thank you for inviting me.
I love the way you have posted some of your current toys. I still have to do this prompt but I *do* like your use of it.
Thank you.