Maureen (elvenjaneite) wrote in photo_scavenger,

Week 1, New

Hello everyone! I'm Maureen. I'm 22 and I live in Oregon. I'm a senior English major in a small liberal arts college here. I'm graduating in May and probably moving back to the Midwest, where I grew up. I just have a little Kodak Easy Share camera, nothing special. But hey! It's my first digital camera. Project 365 intimidates me, so I thought I'd try this challenge instead.

I finished my old diary at the end of 2009. My family is Eastern Orthodox and we're on the Old Calendar, so we celebrated Christmas yesterday. My sister gave me a brand new diary, and here it is.

Tags: new

  • Ride

    Riding the "High Roller," touted as "the World's Tallest Observation Wheel," the newest attraction in Vegas!

  • Confined

    Voluntarily confined!

  • Childhood

    Baby sea turtles!

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