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Smile please

September 2019



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lizziebuffy2008 in photo_scavenger


Left-over currency from my past few trips...

Foreign Currency


That's quite a start for next time!
Yes, I don't think I will have to get any before we go next time...although I wish when you order it ahead and ask for mixed bills they would not give you a hundred.
*g* Weird to see my everyday currencies as someone else's holiday leftovers, somehow! I mean, *obviously*, but...
Your money is so much prettier and more useful (1 & 2 euro/pound coins) than ours.
Nice crispy bills!
Hopefully I can keep them that way until next year.:-)
At least the Euro bills you can easily iron to get them crisp again. ;o) We do it all the time when folding bills for decorative money gifts. Just use the lowest temperature of your flat iron and put a tea towel in between, and don't stop moving the iron on the bill.
Maybe it's just me, but a hundred isn't something I see in the wild very often - of course that may be that many shops don't accept notes over fifty *g*
Trust me, I would much rather when I ask for mixed bills they leave out the hundred and give me twenties instead.
Quite a lot of leftovers! I usually only have some coins left... but we usually spend the last bills for "souvenir groceries" on the way back. ;o) But we also usually don't have to get money in advance, as we usually travel in Europe only where the best deal is to get the local currency from the next cashpoint, and it's not very expensive to get more if we run out. Funnily, since we have the Euro, we've been holidaying only once in another country with Euro currency. It was totally weird to use the same currency at this one time, though, and not to have mentally calculate the amount each time any more...
We usually only have coins too (like the Swiss francs.) I have to get money in advance: a) I do not want to have to exchange at the airport and b) I am usually "out of it" from the travel, so having to find a cash machine...not so good.

We will use the Euro (most likely) next year; not sure when we will get to use the pounds.
I love keeping a bit of the money from other places when I am lucky enough to travel. It makes great memories and it's easy to bring back in the luggage. : )
I do too, but with the euro, I tend to save it for the next trip.