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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger


Words as books are pretty good, especially if the successful author is a friend. (Caroline Shenton's The Day Parliament Burned Down, in the middle there, in my local bookshop. She was pleased!)

2012-08-26 12.41.42

For spaces, I love a good cloister. The central open space, the spaces in the 'walls' all round...

This is Fontevrauld
Vienna Blois 200

This is in Colmar, now a museum so the gaps are glassed in in parts
Strasbourg and Alsace 103

And this isn't a cloister, but I also like funny shaped spaces to photograph through:
Strasbourg and Alsace 170
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The cloisters are wonderful, and the last pic is intriguing. I also like to take pics like that. I took an interesting one at the Grand Palace in Bangkok once for that very reason. As for the books, it would be exciting to see a book on the shelves that had been written by a friend. I do have a friend who is an author, and she always sends me a copy of her latest, but I think it would be gratifying to see one in the shop.

Sigh! I also took a pic of one of my crammed bookcases, but will have to try and think of something else now.
Thanks! I love looking at people's bookshelves though so don't hold back on my account!
Oh, I love that last photo a lot!
Thanks! It was pretty irresistible.
Those cloisters look so peaceful, and the last photo is so interesting... is that peering through a bridge of some sort?

I love having a books on a shelf written by friends. I have exactly two of those: a book on Tolkien's development of Aragorn, by Elizabeth Stephen, and a history of hymns written by one of my old college professors. Treasures, both of them.
Yes, it's an arrow slit on a high-sided bridge in Alsace.

My boyf writes too, but somehow when you've lived with every decision re pagination and titles, there's more satisfaction than excitement in seeing it in print. Whereas Caroline's book is something I just vaguely knew she was doing!
I love cloisters. If I'm ever filthy rich, I'll build a huge house for the extended family with a cloistered area in between the wings. (My children can be thankful I'll probably never be filthy rich!)
They really are the best places - a still centre in a bustle.
The shape of the space in the last picture is fascinating, as well as providing a great frame through which to take a photo.

A proper hard-back book too for your friend - did you know the bookshop was stocking it or was it a wonderful surprise to find it there?
I can't resist that kind of sneak view, you know?

I knew Caroline's book was out, but I didn't know for sure it would be there - it's not a huge shop. But she did very well with it, so I guess my discerning local booksellers read the reviews!
Lovely pics! ♥ for Fontevrauld - I haven't been there for ages, but we'll be going there this summer, and I'm so looking forwards to it. It's my favourite monastery ever.
Using an embrasure for the prompt interpretation is very clever! And seeing your friend's success in your local bookshop is, of course, a particular pleasure, I'm sure.
I loved Fontevrauld too - even though it's so famous and cleaned up, there's still resonance. Enjoy your revisit.
Cleaned up? Hmmm, it certainly wasn't much of that when I last visited - allegedly ages ago, sometime in the late 80s... I hope I'm not in for a bad surprise then.
What beautiful spaces, in particular.
Nothing quite as good a cloister, for me!
Lovely! I like the photo through the little key hole like opening. Very nice!