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September 2019



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Words and Spaces

My favourite quiz show of the moment - Only Connect on BBC4, largely comprising of words. This is the 'connecting wall' round - occasionally I can get one line of the 4 solved before the contestants!

Week 25 - Words

Parking spaces in the car park at our local Tescos, snapped with my phone camera today. The building in the background isn't part of Tescos, but a bar/indian restaurant (which apparently does really good food, though we've never sampled it).

Week 26 - Spaces 2


Great takes on the prompts! I was rather surprised by the second one - once again, the language difference caught me! :o) The term for parking space in German is one rather used for two-dimensional things, whereas "space" is always something three-dimensional, making me thinking differently about it. Sorry I can't explain it better. I find differences like these quite fascinating.
I love how these prompts give us insight into other countries' languages and customs.
I'll just say what the winterwitch said. I'm intrigued by the game; how does it work? My favourite game at present is 'Eggheads'. The questions are really difficult and it is interesting to see if I know the answers. I score quite well, except for questions that are 'local knowledge' that only a Brit would know.
The game has four rounds, mostly word based, but sometimes with tunes or pictures, and the main aim is to find the connection between things. This round is called the Connecting Wall, and the words have to be re-arranged into four groups of four with a single connection for each line. I think the connection for the top line was superheroes with alter egos, another line was 'jif, immac, oil of ulay, dime' - all products that have had name changes from their original UK name.

I love quiz shows (though haven't watched Eggheads very often).

The cars look so clean and shiny in that pic. It's very dusty and dry here, and cars rarely stay shiny for long.
They do look shiny - either the owners are good at washing them (or taking them to be washed), or it might have something to do with all the rain we've had lately!! *g*
What a good interpretation of the prompt. I'm with Shirebound in thinking all your cars are very nice and clean compared with ours!
Thanks. It's possible that the amount of rain we've had recently has washed off any dirt!
Word games are my favorite.
I like all sorts of quizzes, but this one is my favourite of the moment. Sometimes the connections are so obvious you can't believe you've missed them!
I like Only Connect, too - I love your responses to both the prompts.

I'm guessing Jif, Oil of Ulay, Dime and Immac for the next row - they've all changed their names.

Hmm - followed by Prime Minister, Bo Derek, Decade and Fly-half (all related to the number 10), leaving Sprint, Hurdles, Relay and Marathon as track athletics events.

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I can't believe I've not replied to this before now - sorry!

In response to your guesses, all three lines correct.
I like your use of both prompts. I would not have thought of 'parking space' and yet, I am constantly looking for somewhere to put my car! LOL These are great. The game show looks entertaining too.
Glad you enjoyed my prompt responses. Though I have to admit that 'parking space' was my husband's idea! Apologies for the delay in my reply.