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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This is a favourite space...

Mooragh Park 6

It is in a public park near my mother's house.


Absolutely gorgeous space. It reminds me of the wee park the master gardeners maintain. The city gave them a tiny plot, and it is a jewel.
This is also like a tiny jewel - what a good description.
Oh, so very beautiful! I would love to sit there and just rest, or read.
It is a nice place to sit with my kindle for a while - there is a fountain too, so there is the sound of running water, too.
I'm just thinking... that sounds quite a bit like a certain garden a certain Lord of Ithilien created... does it? ;o) ♥
You know, I think it could well be one of the new public gardens within Minas Tirith.

The neat stone walk way would, probably, have been just grass, or scented herbs that were not damaged by feet, if it was in Ithilien itself - but tucked into a corner of the city it would be much appreciated.
Oh, that is lovely.
Isn't it? just a tiny, calm, corner.
It is, isn't it? A perfect little space!
This is so lovely... I can see why it's a favorite spot!
There is a little fountain, too - so it is quiet, with the sound of trickling water - a really peaceful place.
That's lovely!
It is a lovely spot to sit and read. And only about 5 minutes walk from the car park.
It is a gorgeous space. I would love to spend some time in it.

In the garden of our former home les built a climbing frame for me, which then became smothered by a honeysuckle. There was just enough space for 2 plastic chairs, and when you sat there you were quite invisible. I used to sit there there a lot, and look at the garden and think about what I would like to do to improve it. I still miss that space.
Oh - that must have been lovely - I do like honeysuckle.
It was.
Oh that is a lovely space. It must be a beautiful park.
It is a nice park - there is a big, shallow, lake in the middle for rowing boats on, and children's play areas, lawn bowls, tennis courts, and lots of lovely planting and walks - but this little quiet corner is my favourite place.
I adore that red bench peeking out. : )
It is a nice place to sit with my kindle in my lunch break if I am up that end of the island.