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Smile please

September 2019



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myrhiann in photo_scavenger


I had another photo that I was going to post for this prompt, but this morning I received a sympathy card from the North Hobart Veterinary Clinic where my cat Smokey was euthanased recently. Whilst it upset me to receive it I appreciated the gesture, and it seemed worthy of the prompt.

The cat on the card is very beautiful, but Smokey was an Australian Mist, which is a shorthair with spots. Just for the records, here is a pic of him as well.


This is a very special answer to this prompt, and also a very nice thing to do by the veterinary clinic. I can imagine that it is also painful, though.
It was painful, but I am glad that the staff at the clinic are so caring. I seem to be back on an even keel today, thankfully.
It was very sweet of them although hard and sad.
I go along with that sentiment.
I cried, too, when I received a sympathy card from our vet, but I did appreciate the gesture.

IMG_5087 - Copy Cat

They are such a part of our lives, and it's hard when they are gone. I've been trying to talk my husband into looking at another cat, but he isn't quite ready.

Your Smokey was such a pretty cat.
Strangely, it is Les (who was a dog man) who is leading the hunt for a new cat. I have contacted the woman who originated the breed, and I am in line to rehome one of her retired stud cats, but I will have to defer it until after Les has surgery, and I can see where we go from there. It really did seem like I was 'led' to the woman's web page though.

I can understand how your husband feels. I am torn between wanting a cat, and wanting to wait.
I forgot to say your cat was lovely.
*hugs you*

I would appreciate a card like that, as well.
Thanks for the hugs.

It is the first time I have received such a card. It used to be that the vet (male) would take the cat away out the back, and then come back and ask if I wanted him to 'dispose of the body'. I'm glad that they are more empathetic these days.
I completely agree. I was delighted and surprised when my vet sent this, after my sweet rescue pup needed surgery.

I'm scrolling through the posts "backwards" and didn't see that you'd lost your cat so recently. My condolences--it's hard to lose a beloved cat.
I only wrote about it on LJ, not photo scavenger. Thank you for your condolences, you have obviously been through this yourself. It is equivalent to losing a major family member. I have now been offered the opportunity to rehome a retired stud cat of the same breed, from the the woman who originated the breed. How lucky is that? After having one of these cats I couldn't settle for anything less. They have such interesting personalities, and are also very loving
I'm sorry you lost your lovely boy, but what a sweet thing for your vet to do.
The clinic is an all female affair, vets and other staff, and I think that makes a big difference. Women are usually more empathetic.
sorry for your loss. it's nice that you felt comfortable enough to share this with us.
I'm glad you felt that way about it. Writing about it has helped me cope with the loss.
What a lovely cat and you are right, it is sad to receive such a card but it is comforting to know that people care. I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you. I am just starting to get used to it having happened.