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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


A very long line of beach chairs waiting for vacationers.  I was out on the beach very early as
the life guards were setting these out and managed to get a photo before the beach-goers arrived.
This was taken last July at North Myrtle Beach, SC.

And this was taken on the same trip.  I like the lines that the supports form here as they
hold up the pier.  I enjoyed watching the waves move in and out.


Great prompt interpretations! I also notice the "waterline" (can you say that in English also when it's not a ship or boat?) seen on the support pillars is level with the horizon here.
Yes, you can say waterline in this case. You are seeing more in these than I am noticing. lol I totally missed that part of it all.
Those are great lines!

I love watching waves, large or small.
Me too and the early morning hours on the beach are somehow the best. I am not a morning person but I make an exception when I'm at the beach.
When I was a child, I complained if anyone tried to get me to come out early but now, I realize that I was missing the best part of the day for beach-going.
*sigh* I just had a vacation in Florida, but seeing this... I WANNA GO BAAAACK!!! I really wonder if I'm not a little bit Elf with all this sea longing...


Anyway, great photos, and I do like that interpretation of "lines".
I think when it comes to sea longing, lots of us are slightly Elvish. That vacation was last year so this year, I haven't been to a beach yet. Looking at the photos does make me miss it.
I particularly like the second one.
Thank you. The funny thing is, neither of these were the photo I was looking for when I started.
Both pics are good interpretations of the prompts. I like the second one particularly.
Thank you!
There's also a line where someone indicated where the chairs were to be set. Lots of lines!
Very true! Everyone is seeing more lines than I originally did. The photo fits the challenge better than I realized. lol
Very nice, especially with the beachy weather right now:)