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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


This was taken inside the Sarehole Mill, in Birmingham, UK which is closely associated with J.R.R. Tolkien.
I visited the Mill last year with friends.  The photo is rather large so I have put it behind the cut.
 Notice the words painted on the wall.


Very cool! I'm afraid I can't read the words, though, too bad-sighted already.
It didn't post as large as I thought it would.
It says:
When the leaves are gold before they fall,
Look for Bilbo in the woods of the Shire.

I need to edit the post because it is very hard to read.
I posted a close up of the words since that was the whole point. lol
Hope that helps. I could hardly see it myself. It looked bigger when
I was posting it which is why I put it behind a cut.

Edited at 2013-07-06 08:39 am (UTC)
♥ So beautiful. Thanks for the edit. I think if one also already knows the image in the original size, it's easy to not realize something is too small after resizing it.
Very true. I would not have caught it if you hadn't said something. : ) Thank you!
Thanks for sharing.
You are most welcome. I am so far behind. I had to post several photos and I still need to do coins and stamps. I may never completely catch up!
*happy sigh*
It was lovely. I would gladly go back again.
Isn't that lovely?
It really is. We were lucky and got in just before they opened to the public after some reworking of things inside. They let us and another group look around as a sort of pre-opening test group. It did hurt things that one of the friends I was with explained that I'd come from the US to see it. : )
I can see that room peopled with Hobbits!
I could too! It was fun to imagine them there and interesting to try and picture it when Tolkien must have been there. It's a very nice place to visit.