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September 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger


Words come in all shapes and sizes ... and meanings.  I love looking at memorials ... history os so easily lost and forgotten, isn't it.

Last summer I went with a friend for the day to Plymouth ... and that is where the Mayflower sailed from ... and there is a memorial with all the names of those who sailed -

 photo DSC_0504_zps0d3d4477.jpg



What a clever use of "words", and what a special memorial!
I love seeing history recorded - and a list like that needs to be maintained.
Fascinating memorial! (Couldn't help squinting to see if any of my ancestors were listed....)
I can check on a larger picture ... or next time I am in Plymouth (and say Hi to their name!!)
My ancestor's name is there: Resolved White, the child of William White and Susanna.

We visited the Mayflower two years ago, I believe. It was interesting to think of that small ship transporting all those people over such a large ocean.
About half way down -

 photo DSC_0645_zps002e5402.jpg

Wow - servants as well!
Actually, after posting that comment, I decided to google the list, because Teh Internet Knows All. *g* And no ancestors on the Mayflower.

I do have some that arrived in the New World earlier, though. They sailed from Plymouth in two ships (the Gift of God and the Mary and John) to settle a colony in Maine in 1607, but the colony failed. They did, however, before calling it quits, build the first English-built ship in the New World. So there's that. *g* I doubt there's a marker for that colony in Plymouth, but there's a big park and historical site preservation in Maine on this side of the pond. I'll just have to go there to see their names on a memorial. :)
Nothing I have seen - the Mayflower is the famous one here! I have had a look round the web sites for Plymouth, but found nothing. There is a Tudor & Elizabethan house near where this memorial is ... so they would have seen them!
I love reading monuments like that.
I love seeing history recorded - and a list like that needs to be maintained.
How fascinating - I was looking for the one Manxman I know of - and instead amongst the names I can make out, I have, instead, spotted a likely relative!!
Next time I am in Plymouth I shall say Hi to your "grandfather"! .... Do you want me to check the original for a specific name?
Miles Standish's wife and her sister (who became the second Mrs Standish) came from a farm in the north of the island (he also lived there himself for some time, it seems); one of the family who lived there for much of the 20th century was in my class at school. But I couldn't make him out on the stone.

However there seems to be a John Howland near the top - I do wonder if he was 'one of us'.
About a third of the way down -
 photo DSC_0645_zps4f56d65d.jpg
Another very interesting and historic response to the prompt.
I love seeing history recorded - and a list like that needs to be maintained.
Wow that's a very important lot of words, isn't it!
I love seeing history recorded - and a list like that needs to be maintained.