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Smile please

September 2019



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Ivor the engine

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


The next train leaves in about five minutes...

365 Week 19 Sunday

Or you might want to get the one that leaves Manchester at 6am...

Port Erin 003


Nice take on the prompt and what a pretty train!
Thank you - and yes, she is an A4 Pacific - the sister of Mallard that holds the world speed record for steam trains even yet.
That's an awesome looking train.

Gotta love that SEA BATHING!
She is an A4 Pacific, built in 1937.

And I love that sea-bathing poster - it is kept preserved in a railway station. I like the way it only cost half as much for women as it did for men!
*rofl* Confess, you chose that prompt so you could get that interpretation in! ;o) I had the laugh of the week of that idea - just brilliant. Very beautiful shots, too - a train called Sir Nigel, how cool is that? And such a pretty garment he has to boot! :o)
dougalsservant suggested words that had more than one meaning would make good prompts - and this seemed a good one! I often leave my own till near the end of the week - but yes, I had already thought of 'departs' rather than 'green things' - and decided to post it quickly to illustrate that the prompt leant itself to interpreting in more than one way.

Actually my original thought was to post a picture of the boat that leaves the island every morning - but then I remembered the picture of Sir Nigel.

Sir Nigel Gresley actually designed the A4 Pacific class of steam engines, and this one was named after him. They are some of the prettiest steam trains ever, I think.
Hm, that came across perhaps in the wrong way - sorry if it did! I was really only joking, and just couldn't resist it. Words with more than one meaning are perfect for this challenge in my opinion, and I really enjoy the ideas coming up with all these.
I currently can't decide whether to use one of my beautiful autumn colour shots or do something with thinking outside the box... ;O)
It's fine - I knew you were joking!
What a brilliant interpretation.
Thank you - I had chosen a word with more than one meaning on purpose and so decided to 'think outside the box' myself.
Very clever!
Thank you! *Takes a bow.*
Excellently unique take on the prompt.
Thank you.
What a beautiful train--so Art Deco/Steampunk/Modern! I want a ride.
She is one of the A4 Pacifics designed by Sir Nigel Gresley and built in the late 1930s. Her sister engine, Mallard, holds the world steam speed record even now.

You can ride behind Sir Nigel at the North Yorks Moors railway - which is where I took the photo.