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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


These are all photos of my Hosta plants, or 'The Shade' as we like to call them.  We went looking for plants that would grow well in the shade and found these guys.  They were planted about ten years ago and they come up every spring no matter what.  They are very hardy plants and they have lovely leaves.  So...

This is a close up of one of the leaves after a good rain.

There are three plants in a cluster and then one smaller one out in front of the group.

Here is the smallest one as it comes up in the spring.

And here you can see how the leaves sort of form funnels when they first start to come out.


They're a very attractive plant. There was a time when I didn't think so but I've grown fond of them. The whorl of new leaves is seriously cool.

One of my tomatoes is reluctant to set fruit. I was thinking of your tomato problems and wondering if you should try again with a different variety.
I sometimes don't like them when they bloom. I love the leaves and the way they just spread out and take over, but the blooms are a bit alien and when they start to fade, they are on the verge of ugly. Still, I love these particular Hostas for many reason. We have history.
As to me and the tomatoes, I fear I'm a lost cause. I did get lucky this year and a friend dropped by with tomatoes from *his* garden.
They're beautiful and very lush.
They are also faithful. They have been coming up without my making any effort for at least ten years now. I can rely upon them.
Those are lovely - and make me feel cooler just looking at them as well!
See, I missed my chance. I could have said they were for both prompts! LOL Oh, well.
I like the Hosta leaves, but the tiny ones in the background are attractive too.
Those tiny ones are from some wild strawberries that turn up in the yard every year. They are too small to eat but they give the yard some color and the leaves are very pretty.
How big are they? I saw on Pinterest hosta leaves being used to make concrete stepping stones and they looked enormous.

They're gorgeous though. Mmmm!
I don't think mine are that big, but they are about the size of two hands placed side by side. I imagine they make pretty stepping stones.
oh interesting, coz that doesn't sound as big as these footpathy leaves looked. Maybe the piccies were deceptive, or a different kind of hosta or different climate. But yes, they did make lovely stepping stones, I thought :-)
I like hostas--especially the variegated kind. However, they want more water than our weather supplies, and I don't generally water anything but the potted plants, so they tend to die out.
These come up faithfully every year and have for over ten years but we get a great deal of rain. This year we've had way more than our share. The hostas are very happy.
Oh, Hosta! ♥ And with raindrops on them! ♥ One of my favourite plant variety, well photographed.
Thank you! I have tons of photos of these guys since I take some every year when they come up. It fascinates me that they keep coming and I'm not doing anything at all to help them do that. I consider that part of their charm.