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Smile please

September 2019



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semyaza in photo_scavenger




Ooooh, I like it. That would be a lovely place to walk.
I feel like being there right now but I'd have to walk to get there and I'm already pooped out. :D
That looks so cool and peaceful.
It's incredibly quiet as long as the mountain bikers aren't around but they stick to the more exciting trails.
How beautiful!
It's really nice. Not quite rainforest but very mossy.
Very inviting.
That's just lovely! Is that near your home because if it is, you are very lucky.
Yes, it is. I live on a mountain, most of which is forest. Not old-growth, alas, but still forest.
What a lovely picture - and a fascinating path, too.
I haven't seen any hobbits yet. ;~)
I love paths like this who lead to somewhere hidden and very alluring... great choice!
And then there's the allure of side trails and streams... :)
ah, i'd wander there.

really nice image. i'm surprised by how bright it is - our forests are quite dark.
Some of the forest is dark but this is an area of quite new growth, as you can see. And part of the mountain is Garry oak/Oregon white oak habitat.
um, "Oregon" white oak? where was this photo taken? Oregon is my home state.
Quercus garryana. We call it Garry oak but it's Oregon white oak elsewhere for some reason. Vancouver Island.
Ah! I've researched now and see that Oregon has these trees as natives with the reach being up to you and down to southern california. The official name it after Nicholas Garry of the Hudson Bay Company who was known for his "tactful and diplomatic fur trade dealings with both whites and Natives alike." So I get the Garry oak name.

I had just been wondering about all the oak trees along our river to the southeast side, I didn't know they were native here having grown up in the douglas fir woods.
I grew up in an area that didn't have Garry oaks but I was familiar with the ones in Oregon from many road trips. It's an endangered and shrinking eco-system on southern Vancouver Island but I do my best to encourage the oaks on my property. I've just found a little guy by my deck - five inches tall and four leaves. :D
trees are so incredibly magical, how lucky you have a wee one!
That path is so inviting. I would love to walk along it. Lovely capture!
I keep thinking about how cool it would be right now. *sigh*
Makes me want to go for a walk in the forest:)
Me. too. :D