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Smile please

September 2019



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grey_wonderer in photo_scavenger


Ok, so what could be cooler than Luxury Scottish Ice Cream outside Stirling Castle on a rainy day in March?


I'm sorry for the quality of these photos but this really is the coolest van I have ever seen.  Unfortunately, there were other cars parked all around it
making it hard to get a good photo and the sun was out big time!  Plus, I was afraid the owners would come back and find me nosing around their
really groovy acid trip of a ride and be seriously annoyed.  I didn't want these people to think I wasn't cool, because they, so obviously were.  No one that wasn't ultra cool would own a van like this.

It's a bit hard to see but they have a line of doll heads on the top of the cab and while it was kind of spooky, it was also cool.

I have no idea what 'The quest of Archemephelon' is but I'm guessing that it has to be almost as important as
the Quest for the one Ring.  And not only that, but if you can believe what you read, you get to see art too!

The owner of this van was a man of many titles, 'Mister, Doctor, Professor' but sadly, he had no flashlight.

I would have loved to have seen inside this four-wheel magic carpet ride, but I just didn't have the nerve to
wait around for the owners and ask for a tour.  I did see them get in a drive off later and they were as cool
as their ride.  Both had long, grey, hair and were wearing very colorful clothing and sandals.  Where ever they
were going, I bet it was too cool for the likes of me.


Wow, that's an interesting van, sure enough. And thanks to google, I found this article: http://www.weirdcharlotte.com/r7.html

Apparently the dude's an artist. I know, who would've thought... *g*
OMG!!!! Thank you for finding that. It is so cool to know who the van's owner is and to find out that he is semi-famous? I was at a rest stop in Virginia when I took those photos so I guess I was fairly close to this guy's local area. Perhaps I will see him and his van again some day.
I understand your reluctance to hang around. After all, those piked heads came from somewhere!
That was the only thing about the van that I found a bit creepy. The one head in the very centre looked slightly like when of those lovely ladies on the bow of ships but the rest were just more than I was ready for really.
Those are totally cool! I hope Mister Doctor Professor shows up in my neighborhood someday.
Look at the top comment on this post for more about the van's owner. cairistiona7 googled him and found him and the van. Interesting link.
Both exceeding cool in their own way.
Thank you. The ice cream was very good even though it was cold and wet that day and I was fascinated by the hippy van. Just out the comment by cairistiona7 who googled the van or the owner and somehow found out who he is.
okay, that's really a toss up - luxury scottish ice cream in march or 4 wheel magic art van. do you think they could possibly sell ice cream from the art van? or why not art along with the ice cream?

great post!

Edited at 2013-07-23 05:09 pm (UTC)
I like a little ice cream with my art. Sounds like a good idea to me. Check out the link cairistiona7 found. Her's is the first comment here. She found out who owns the van and more about it. (Not the ice cream truck though)
No one with a van like that would dare to be annoyed about someone looking at it. It screams 'Admire me! I'm so cool!'

Edited at 2013-07-23 07:09 pm (UTC)
It does at that but I was just a bit too timid to do more than take the photos. Have a look at the link cairistiona7 found via google. Her's is the first comment here and the link takes you to information about the van's owner. I was surprised to find out that the owner could be found in that way. lol Interesting guy to say the least and he probably would have been friendly if I'd have given it a try.
Heh. I put the link in my comment and then noticed she'd already given it to you so I took it out. :D Everything can be found that way.
I've never had Luxury Scottish Ice Cream, but it sounds very promising and indeed cool. That van, though - awesome! That must be the coolest vehicle ever.
The ice cream sounds delicious, but he van is the coolest thing I have ver seen. A pity you didn't speak to the owners as they very likely would have been friendly. Nobody who drives a vehicle like that would be shy.
Ooh, shiny:)