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Smile please

September 2019



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raingirl26 in photo_scavenger


I'm so happy that we get to be behind and still join in the fun!

First type of cool, some ice on a bowl of water - yes, outside:

ice in bowl

Second type of cool - I'm not sure what can be cooler than the wiener mobile:

oscar mayer


The wiener mobile is the coolest of the cool. :D
i know, right? and i had no idea i would ever get to see it in person - just appeared one day in our zoo parking lot.
Excellent choices!
why thank you!
I'm so happy that we get to be behind and still join in the fun!

Me too... because I do intend to post someday again instead of just commenting!

What a neat photo of frosty ice.

And the Wienermobile! I used to have a wiener whistle from seeing one when I was a kid. I wish I still had it--I could probably sell it on ebay and pay off the house... er, no, maybe not. They go for all of $3 on ebay. That might pay off a wall tile in the kitchen. Oh well.
i certainly go back and forth between posting and commenting - try to at least keep up on commenting.

glad you liked the frosty ice - i had a lot of fun with photos of that (there are a bunch more that i enjoy).

the people running this one were no where to be found, so no whistle for us - what a great memory (perhaps better than having the actual whistle - or, you could splurge and buy on e off e-bay!)
Mwahaha, what is that? A Wiener mobile? *g* A great answer to the prompt, and the first is very beautiful.
i was inspired by the ice cream van & art van post to find my wiener photo.

glad you like the first one - it was one nice thing about being snow bound that winter.
The top picture is beautiful - but, no, you can't get cooler than a wiener mobile.
yea, it really wasn't fair to the top photo to put it with the wiener mobile.
The pic of the ice is just stunning!
Thank you so much. I think it will be in my next photography show. Still trying to figure our how big it should be, thinking about 11x14 - thoughts?
I think that would be a good size. It would look lovely enlarged and framed.
Love that water shot.

There's certainly been a lot about Weiners in the news lately!
I'm so happy it pleases you. I'm thinking it will go in my next photography show, but don't know what size it should be yet. Sometimes I like things small, but this feels like fairly big might work - what do you think?

I took the weiner photo about 6-8 years ago, so my news is old.
I've not printed many of my photos. I use them mostly for my LJ and sending to relatives. When I have printed them, I've been very disappointed. The way an image appears on a computer monitor with the backlight is vastly different than that of a printed shot. I had some cards printed recently with a photo of a sunflower I'd taken years ago. It looked hideous! I don't know how to make that transition from pleasing photo on screen to printed on paper.
Oh yes, it takes a lot to understand how to translate from monitor to print - and it is never the same type of thing - but one can get a very pleasing print.

One thing to do is to have a professional printer you trust, preferable locally, that will work with you to know what computer processing it needs to look right and to re-do it for you if it isn't right.
We used to have a very nice camera shop that printed photos, but it had to close a few years after digital cameras came on the scene. People would come in to check out the cameras--using the expertise of the staff--but then they would order what they wanted more cheaply from Amazon or elsewhere. I've not found another place I like as well (choices are Wal-Mart and Walgreen's), and I've ordered photos from the Internet since, which is hit or miss.