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September 2019



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raingirl26 in photo_scavenger


a street is a kind of path, isn't it?

path - street scene portland

portland oregon - nw district


I like seeing places I've never been.
it's funny, this feels very much like portland - but only in one specific place. the rest is very different from this (though you can see part of one of our many bridges - the red in the distance)
I'd say so! And there's the thought that many streets, if you go back far enough in history, were originally deer trails that eventually were used and enlarged and made into permanent roadways by man. :)
we have a main road in town, burnside, that was the path of the logs they took off the hills and literally slid down to the river.

i love the idea of deer trails - i'll have to think about that one for here in town.
A path without doubt! Be it the real one or the path of mankind, having evolved there... I really like this shot, it has such a special tranquility I wouldn't usually associate with city traffic.
interesting that you should say that - it is a part of town that is in between two busier sections and always does feel calm in some way.

this is not my normal type of photo - i'm glad you like it, i was quite pleased with myself on this one.
A path that has grown and developed!

The bridge in the background looks interesting.
we are a bridge city and that's part of our broadway bridge. it was built in 1911/12 and it has the honor of taking about 20 minutes to open and close for river traffic - which it does a little under once per day. the other bridges only take 5-8 minutes but open more often. it's a time honored rite of passage here to explain being late because of a bridge opening and nobody thinks you're making it up.
Tranquil was the word that came to my mind when I looked at this. It is surprisingly empty of traffic. I'm always interested in pics of Portland. Years ago I had an aunt who lived there, and more recently I visit 'Posie gets cosy' for pics of her life in that city.
There was something about that moment that drew me to photograph it. Perhaps it was indeed tranquility - such an odd thing for the middle of the city during the day.

I tried to find 'Posie gets cosy' on lj, but failed. Do you mean the creative blog by that name? I did see one photo of near here on that blog. I'd love to see what others have for portland photos (I already check out flickr & ipernity for that, but more is always welcome as I'm really a visual person.
I was referring to the blog of that name. She seems like a very nice person, and i love looking at her pics.
Are you standing in the middle of the street to take this? My family gets so antsy when I do that!
Ha! You are so right. I was in a sidewalk crossing and was looking straight at the cars coming towards me so I felt fairly safe. But yes, I did feel a bit nervous and moved on fairly quickly. (Family is good at keeping us in line!)
Nice view down that... erm... path...
I know, it was just an excuse to post this photo somewhere. It's not my usual style of photography (though it does appeal to me) so it hadn't gotten on the internet anywhere else. Perhaps now I'll be braver and put it up on my photo site.
No worries; it's not a photo you should worry about showing to people *g*