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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger


Keeping up with the idea of refreshing winter pictures of coolness for those of us who melt away in the heat...

This looks quite inviting to dive in, particularly for me with the currently 28°C/82°F in the house (without air condition, which is unusual hereabouts) - but this is a Danish beach in February with temperatures just somewhere around 5°C/40°F. At the time, I wasn't tempted....
If you need more refreshment, you can break off one of these... though I suppose they're rather salty:

Two years later, same Danish island (Langeland), another beach, and an extremely unusual frost which lead to very untypical snow (see also my next entry for "path" for some samples) and bizarrely beautiful objects like these. It is frozen salt water, but I'm really wondering how this could have happened. Several other huge branches at the beach were frozen in a similar way, but nothing else. A breaker going over them (the breakers are quite high there sometimes) and freezing suddenly, if that is even possible?
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Wow - that second picture, especially, is fantastic.
Thanks! Seeing these bizarre icicle sculptures is one of these moments every hobby photographer dreams off... *g* Lovely icon!
Those icicles are fascinating. You wouldn't expect to see them at a beach!
Indeed not! I was very lucky to find this.
Ooh, brr. Beautiful, but brrr!

I really can't imagine how those seawater icicles form. You hear about rigging on ships getting limned with ice, so saltwater does eventually freeze even though it takes a lower temperature. Your theory of breakers washing over and over the branch sounds as good as any!
Haha, what a fitting icon! :o) We saw the water slowly freeze at the beach of the first picture, and it became a weirdly glassy, sluggy mass, though not really solid while we were there.
Ooh, nice - love the second one:)
Such beautiful photos.
Wonderful photos, and you answered my question.
Thanks! I should perhaps have given the name with the first pics already. I know this island, or rather, the southern half very well; I spent all my childhood holidays there, and since we are married, we've been there very often as well, but mostly for off-season holidays, like in winter or at Whitsun. The prices of the holiday houses are very low then, we can easily afford one with a Sauna, and enjoy the wonderful quiet and peace because the island is nearly deserted.
The lack of crowds at that time of the year would be most appealing. When I was a child my father's extended family had an old army hut on a sand dune at a place called South Arm. There was a dirt road to drive there, but few people had cars, and there was a daily ferry from Hobart. That was a relatively remote and peaceful place then, but these days it is an outer suburb of Hobart. I still have very fond memories of it, as it was.
That second photo is just breath-taking! I love the way you framed it.
Thanks! I took dozens of pictures of this branch and some others, the most difficult part perhaps was to choose the one I wanted to show. I'm happy my choice works for you!