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Keeping up with the idea of refreshing winter pictures of coolness for those of us who melt away in the heat...

This looks quite inviting to dive in, particularly for me with the currently 28°C/82°F in the house (without air condition, which is unusual hereabouts) - but this is a Danish beach in February with temperatures just somewhere around 5°C/40°F. At the time, I wasn't tempted....
If you need more refreshment, you can break off one of these... though I suppose they're rather salty:

Two years later, same Danish island (Langeland), another beach, and an extremely unusual frost which lead to very untypical snow (see also my next entry for "path" for some samples) and bizarrely beautiful objects like these. It is frozen salt water, but I'm really wondering how this could have happened. Several other huge branches at the beach were frozen in a similar way, but nothing else. A breaker going over them (the breakers are quite high there sometimes) and freezing suddenly, if that is even possible?
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