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Smile please

September 2019



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Pippin gaze

shirebound in photo_scavenger


Here are a few paths in Balboa Park where my Mom and I take Pippin for strolls. There's always something to see there. (Balboa Park is a lovely place about ten minutes from where I live.)

Reflecting Pool containing water lilies, goldfish and koi


Didgeridoo Player Extraordinaire


And... a mysterious winged creature.



OM gosh! My parents used to take us to Balboa Park when I was little. I have TONS of my dad's old slides of the place and it's funny how much they look like your pics!

Love these! It's like a trip down memory lane!

That's so cool. Maybe you'll come back to visit someday... :)
Looks very nice:)
It's a wonderful place.
That's a remarkable arrangement of didgeridoos. I bet Gondor has didgeridoo buskers.
Gondor needs didgeridoos. *nods*

They make the *most* remarkable sounds!
How wonderful to have such an excellent place so close to you.
It really is. I love taking visitors there.
Lovely pics, and such a charming park to stroll in.
It's a wonderful place to walk.
What a special place! And such interesting creatures, too... *vgb*
It's a place to see strange creatures, and no mistake. *g*
I love the winged creature. Did Pippin like it or does she like other dogs? This are beautiful photos and I would love to take a walk there.
I would love to walk with you there.

Pippin likes meeting other dogs if they're very calm, but is tense and wary around very active, frantic dogs (like puppies). Getting her to wear a costume (or anything, like a harness) is quite a trial. She prefers being au naturale. :)
Oh, it's been so long since we were last in San Diego! I loved Balboa Park, and I'm very envious that it's so close to you.

Our local park is nice, but by comparison it's just a plot of grass with some trees on it. :)
Balboa Park is truly exceptional. Maybe you can come back for a visit someday.
I wish I had a path near me that had such beautiful winged creatures living there.
I'm very fortunate to live near this wonderful place. :)
What a nice bunch of photos from a very nice place.

What did Pip think of the didgeridoos? *g*
She didn't pay any attention to the strange sounds at all! Maybe if those tubes smelled like steak or chicken she would have investigated them more thoroughly.
What an interesting walk you have!
It's a marvelous place to walk.