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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger


For some reason Photobucket is reluctant to load my pics, even though I made them smaller. No idea what's going on, but had to do them one at time and it took forever. *sigh* Anyhoo, here are some paths: The first ones are deer trails leading to my front yard. I had a lot more, but didn't feel like waiting for them to load. You get the idea - all trails lead to my front yard and yummy things to eat....

The last one is a path that I keep mowed around the pasture so I can exercise the dogs and me if/when I need to and don't want to take the time to go elsewhere.

 photo P1010893_zps1a98ec8d.jpg

 photo P1010890_zpse1391409.jpg

 photo P1010899_zps2150f737.jpg

In other news, for those of you who don't see my personal journal, I'm having so much trouble staying logged in to LJ, that I am just not commenting much. I am seeing and enjoying your pictures, just not willing to spend half my life re-logging in every time I want to make a comment (or return to my flist from having made a comment - that's the one that really frosts me). In theory, we may have access to FIOs by next month...


Thank you for working so hard to post these lovely paths. I wish I could walk with my dog around your pasture!
LOL YOu're welcome to join us. :)
They're very nice paths, so thank you for making the effort

(what does FIOs stand for?)
Thanks. I was bummed that it was so hard to get the pictures loaded. I had lots of deer trails and another view of my path.

FIOs is Verizon's multi-use high speed system. You can have highspeed internet, phone and cable TV all in one set of wires. I'm not sure what it stands for - maybe fiber-optic?
Ah right:) Thx
These are all lovely. They make me want to take a nice, long walk. Sorry about your log in trouble. It takes the fun out of on line things.
It's just annoying and time consuming, mostly. But I'm not a patient person and not good at tedious activities, so....
Sorry to hear about your online troubles, that can be a bitch. Your paths are beautiful, I love this kind of light shadow among light trees.
Well, we traded more speed for, apparently, lack of ability to play well with LJ. Hope to have broadband soon and be done with satellite issues.
Good luck! We're supposed to have high-speed ADSL, as our tarif is for 16000 kbit/s, but due to the infrastructure we're just managing somethign about 2000kbit/s. It still works fine, as we don't use video on demand, but I fear for the future. No improvement happened i the last ten years, and none in sight, not for our small village of 2000 inhabitants...
Well, until fairly recently, we had no choices at all. No one was willing to bring it to our immediate area, even though it was available a few miles away. Now, it seems there are two competing providers. :) No idea exactly what the speed will be, but I'm sure it will be better than dialup (shudder) or the satellite with its lag time and download limits. Crossing my fingers that we will be part of the real world soon. :)
I expected to see bluebells in that top picture!

I love the path of light in that second image.
LOL Bluebells bloom here in April/May. I just took these pics yesterday. Yes, the dappled light made for pretty pictures, although it made the trails more difficult to see in a photo. They are actually (mostly) much clearer than that. Practically deer highways in some places. :)
What lovely green pictures!


We're very green this year. Lots of rain. Almost too much, but since we're on a well, I don't dare say that aloud. :)
Gosh, your woods looks an awful lot like mine, right down to the deer trails leading right down to the front yard.

I'm sorry you're having Internet problems. What an incredible nuisance. :(
I love technology--except when it doesn't work well!