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September 2019



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lizziebuffy2008 in photo_scavenger


On our trip to Catalan last year, we did quite a lot of walking and hiking on old Roman paths...

Tarragona-Day 2

A path through the Roman Circus. Tarragona, Spain, March 2012

Tarragona-Day 3

Aquaduct-"Devil's Bridge." Tarragona, Spain, March 2012

Day 4-Girona

A path on top of the old Roman wall. Girona, Spain 2012

Day 4-Girona

A path in the Jewish Quarter-"Call." Girona, Spain 2012.


That is amazing.
That part of Spain was really quite a surprise. Tarragona has the best preserved Roman ruins, outside of Rome.
Those are wonderful. It must be amazing to live where ancient architecture can be seen every day.
I know. I hope it does not become blase to them.
Those are great - thank you so much.
Those are great! Not something I ever expect to see myself. :)
Thanks! I did not expect to see it either until we caught the travel bug about 13 years ago.
Wow. The very thought that you can still walk along Roman roads never fails to give me chills. Great pics.
It is amazing. I am always awed by it.
Ah, wonderful:)

*silences the inner Monty Python quoter that mutters: "But what have the Romans ever done for us?"*
These are amazing and it must have been such a wonder to walk them and see them. Lovely!
Thank you and yes, it was. It always amazes me to see how well preserved some of the Roman ruins are...especially when conservation has not always been on the powers that be's minds.
This was an amazing post, and a wonderful collection of Roman sites.
Thank you!!
What a great collection of paths, and gorgeous shots! Isn't it awesome to follow paths like these, and imagine all the feet that had passed them for so long a time?
Thank you! I know, it is one of the reasons I love visiting Europe so much.
Such antiquity! Thank you for sharing.
You are welcome.