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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I always think of this as 'The Elf Path'

Elf path...

There is a close up of the yellow flowers

Marsh buttercup.

And here is a path into the wide blue yonder...

Marine Drive 3


I love paths looking through gateways ... very nice view, and looks a great place for a stroll.

Your Elfpath looks like some of the bridle paths I used to ride.
It probably is a bridleway, it is certainly signed as a footpath, but there is no 'no horses' sign.

Do you still get the chance to ride sometimes even though you haven't got your own horse any more?
No, I don't ride at present - but hope that in the future I will be able to go out occasionally ... they are lovely animals. (Although I know I have been spoiled as I had 2 lovely men in Jaykub & DJ)
How lovely.

I wonder if those are buttercups?
Thank you. They are marsh buttercups.
Love them all
Thank you!
This really looks like a path of the Firstborn! ♥ The buttercup shot is just beautiful, and the path into the wide blue yonder amazing. I could stand there forever letting my mind and my fantasy wander.
Thank you. I can see Tindómë and Rumil wandering along that top path in Ithilien - probably on their way to the bathing pool...
I would be in heaven if I could step into either of those photos, and take a walk. I love buttercups too, so they were a bonus.
They are both nice, flat, paths too!
Very pretty
Thank you.
Such beauty.

When you walk through an uncultivated spot, do you have to be concerned about ticks or chiggers? Does Isle of Man have mosquitoes?
Pests are not a big problem - although dogs do, occasionally, pick up a tick. We don't have many mosquitoes either - but we do have midgies that are very similar to the dreaded Scottish Highland ones...

D-d got bitten quite badly by horseflies a couple of weeks ago, too.