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Smile please

September 2019



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brutti_ma_buoni in photo_scavenger

Oh Dear

Berlin 086

The oh dear is multiple here in this image from the former East Berlin. For one thing, this kind of pre-cast massive concrete Communist architecture is few people's idea of loveliness (though to be fair, they are very well kept and a lot less dank than concrete buildings of the same period near me in the UK). But it's more the massive sign of capitalist supremacy overcoming communist ideals - presumably selling the roof space for advertising shortly after reunification - that makes this an oh dear for me. McDonalds might *just* be more symbolic than Coke, but it's pretty thorough in its symbolism.

Vienna seems to specialise in sunglasses on animals in its shop windows. Oh, deer. (Technically, I believe it's a chamoix...)

Vienna Blois 073


Oh dear!

I do love that second one in particular!
Oh deer, LOL. Those are both very creative.
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them.
*lol* The second one is a cute idea.

The first one: I absolutely see your point. But for those of us Germans having grown up with a separated country, and with still some post-war influences in our childhood by the way of our parents and grandparents, (and perhaps particularly living in the former US occupation zone as I do) particularly Coca Cola represents also "freedom" in a certain way: the association with US soldiers bringing chocolate and coke after the war is still there. There are few icons like this logo that came for us with such a clear message of "America" in the positive sense.
Yes, it's an interesting sense of different perspectives in one place - whether it's the past building (which symbolises something a bit stronger than just 'oh dear', I feel) or the new signage, one or the other probably provokes a response that isn't positive. For some people, both may.

And, yanno, a chamoix in shades is never a bad selling point...
I enjoyed both!
The building is typical of the time period when it is built, and looks to be in good condition, although not a thing of great beauty. It was the Coca Cola sign that was the 'Oh. Dear!' moment for me. The Australian Government is trying to have all soft drink containers recyclable, and Coca Cola is refusing to cooperate. We would like to have our 'sunburnt land' uncluttered by other people's rubbish. If people have to pay a surcharge for packaging they are more likely to return the bottle to the shop for a refund. Just my little rant for today, I'm a Greenie!

The deer wearing sunglasses is very cute.
PS I totally relate to Winterwitch's take on Coca Cola.