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Smile please

September 2019



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camera happy

cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger

Oh dear...

Two photo ops came up for this prompt just this morning.

First, last night's heavy rain on my petunias... definitely an 'oh dear' moment:

 photo IMAG1561-1_zps7e054580.jpg

And, gasp!, empty food bowls.

 photo IMAG1564_zpsb3344c24.jpg

Includes a bonus "Put down the camera and FEED me" photo bomb:

 photo IMAG1568_zpsf69f2d90.jpg


Plants are so resilient! But kitties always need their mommy.
Yes, the petunias will lose these poor battered blooms, but they'll put out more in about a week.

An empty food bowl, in the other hand, is A Serious Catastrophe. (No pun intended...)
Hee! Poor petunias; I'd put quite a bit of money on your cat to rebound from your Terrible Awful Neglect, though.
Pepper did rebound quite nicely from the Terrible Awful Neglect, thankfully. She even forgave me for delaying her meal to take the pictures. :)
Those poor kittens!! My parents dog never clears his bowl - he needs lessons!
My Domino is the same way, always one or two nibbles left. Pepper, the cat in the photo, always eats the food down to the last kibble and is then satisfied, while Pip, our orange tabby, never wants the bowls empty and starts whining as soon as she sees the bottom of the bowl!
Oh dear - the petunias look rather sad....
If I'd known it was going to rain *that* much and that hard, I would have taken a before photo!
Poor Petunias! But that feline gaze! Good gracious! You cruel, cruel human, how can you not do something when small beings suffer so badly?
Oh, I know. I'm a Terrible Disobedient Slave, not keeping the food bowls filled At All Times (and chasing away the Ebol Goggy, see mugshot above, who regularly scarfs down all their food when they're not around to defend their bowls)!
LOL - yeah, should have got a shot of my garden this morning. Didn't even think about that.
This time of year, I tend to have a lot of "oh dear" shots I could take, usually from everything turning dry and crunchy. But this year rain is both boon and culprit. Those petunias especially seem to have a real love/hate relationship with rain. :/
I have a very hard time with petunias - usually because there's not enough sun here, but then I've had them dry up from lack of water too. Fussy little buggers....
They really are kind of fussy. I have to keep pinching mine back or they get too leggy (they're getting too leggy right now, though I do want them to trail over the edge of the planter). I see huge buckets of them at botanical gardens that look so perfect, and I just think, "What the heck?" LOL My problem is like yours--not quite enough sun--but they smell so wonderful and the colors are so appealing that I can't resist buying them every spring. *sigh*
We had a cat who insisted on having food in his bowl at all times. If we didn't, he would bolt it down and vomit when we put down the twice daily meals. As long as he knew he could count on food in his dish, he would walk by and nibble throughout the day. He could be so melodramatic!
Wow, that is a rather overly dramatic way of getting his point across! LOL Our cats are both nibblers, but if I left food out all the time, Domino eats it (and then vomits it back up, because it doesn't agree with him, plus he eats it so fast he doesn't chew it) and Pip, the orange tabby, would eat herself into a far greater level of obesity than she has already quite proudly achieved. :/ So I portion it out, and they beg, and for the most part, it works out.
LOL I am familiar with the food bowl issue. It happens all the time around here.
I am very sorry about your flowers. I hope they make a full recovery. We've had way too much rain here and it's not been good for my flowers at all.
I think the flowers will recover. Not the current blooms, but the nice thing about annuals is that the blossoms never stop coming. Well, unless the plant dies, or doesn't get enough sun. Or water. Or I look at it wrong...