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Smile please

September 2019



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Oh Dear

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Oh Dear!

You might wonder why this is an Oh Dear! picture...

 photo ohdear_zps946a663d.jpg

It is my shiny new 'Surface' tablet,with its keyboard cover, and my equally shiny new smartphone, both bought this week.

But Oh Dear! The idea was to simplify things - both have the same operating system, I would more or less synchronise them, and both would be pretty intuitive for me as they use Windows... at least that was the theory.

Daughter and husband both now agree (she has an almost identical phone, he has an identical tablet), that technology doesn't like me. Apps that work for both of them won't open for me, he says 'touch point A, you will see a message that says blah-blah-blah, follow the instructions.' I touch point A and get a totally different message.... and so on.

However, I have now made 2 phone calls and sent a couple of text messages, worked out how to set my ringtone and use the alarm - I'm almost up to where I was with my 5 year old not-smart phone!


I hope things start smoothing out for you. Technology is moving way too fast for me to keep up!
Totally. I'm sure it will be lovely - if I ever get it all to work!!
How incredibly irritating!!
You'll probably have me going 'Karen... how do I do this?' over next weekend!
For a second I thought the picture was "Oh, Dear! Windows 8!" :)

I've more or less gotten used to it, although my touchpad is so "touchy" that when I'm gaming or something, I'll move too fast or too far to one side or the other and pop up that opening app screen, so I always have to go back to the desktop...

I want a smart phone... (still using VERY not-smart flip phone five years old because my wife thinks that's all we need...)
It took me a while to actually find the opening app screen on the phone.

I really, really wanted a smart phone, too. And I think I will like it eventually, but it is so frustrating that I can't get mine to do what everyone else seems to manage with no problem!

The 'Surface' is also really cute - so light in weight, and with a keyboard cover that really works - but it is frustrating me so much too!

I had decided that when/if I can get a tablet, it's going to be a Surface, because I want the keyboard -- plus, I like the look. I was just kinda waiting for second or third generation, since that's usually gold for Microsoft, rather than just right off the bat!

Good luck with both! :)
I wanted mine to take away with me next week - I'm travelling by boat and train and so the easier my luggage is to cope with, the better!
My motto is "Technology is not our friend," and I stand by that, despite how reliant we all are on it. I was playing with Windows 8 at Staples (office superstore) yesterday and didn't like it at all.
They both use a cut-down variant on windows 8, both only work with apps not programmes. It is OK for the touch screen, I can already get the feel of it - if everything would do for me what it does for the others. But I don't think I would like it without the touch screens.

Your motto shall be my motto...
I saw Windows 8 and immediately counted that as the "oh dear"! I keep seeing stories on cnet and different tech sites about how glitchy and non-intuitive it is, despite being designed to be the complete opposite. So I think you're not alone in the system not liking you!
Actually I quite like the system - if only the feelings were reciprocated!
I sympathise. I am having technological problems with the Dyson vacuum cleaner I bought. It comes with a manual which is mostly diagrams, where some text would be uber useful. I had to ring for technical help just assembling the damned thing, which meant being in a queue for 20 minutes (not bad, you should try ringing a government department). I now need to pull it apart as it seems I have picked up an obstruction, and need to clear it out. It will probably keep me in a state of frustration all week. Other than that, it does work well, and the amount of hair and carpet fibre that came out was very impressive.
We have a Dyson - S2C knows how to take it apart if needs be. My mum has a light-weight one, though, and when she asked me to do something with it I was lost, too.

But they do pick up so well!
It was picking up what the old Dyson left behind.
That is quite a talent you have there *g*

(I do like Windows 8 - certainly on a touchscreen; I imagine it'd be annoying on a regular screen)
The pair of them didn't really believe me - they were saying 'Well maybe that isn't really your password', or 'you must have touched it wrongly' and so on - until they tried, too, on the ones that were mine not theirs!!

I think I will find Windows on the touch screen pretty good, once I get used to it.
Oh, and (if your version of Win8 has it, though I think it does) don't start playing Wordament. You'll never get anything else done again...
Gah, that sounds annoying. But I'm very tempted by a surface - it answers the two problems I've barked at every salesman who's tried to flog me a tablet: I need Word (and ideally the rest of Office, so I can work remotely), and I want a decent keyboard as standard.
You can have a proper look at ours at the weekend. It has all of Office included, and the keyboard is a 'proper' one so is good to type on. And S2C is having no problem getting his to jump through hoops!

I've now achieved accessing all my kindle books on it as well as the internet - it is now primarily the 'vast amounts of free music' app that insists I can't play.
I truly hate Windows 8!Hope you can get things working soon.
I seem to be coming to grips with it now - I'm not sure how I would manage with it on a proper computer - but as a touch screen thing it is becoming easier ... slowly.
My husband's old laptop weighs a ton, and we've considered a tablet when it bites the dust. I like the idea of something small and light, but I want a keyboard, too. Yours looks very nice--just what I had in mind. My son says I don't need a keyboard, but I chafe at poking a screen--I'm so slow and clumsy with it.

I'm still at flip-phone stage--and I haven't bothered to learn how to operate it. I can answer it and place calls, but that's it!
I am getting to grips with it now and it is actually pretty neat!

This is the tablet, which came complete with 'Office' on it, and if you need to use the on-screen keyboard it is a proper size with proper sized keys.

But I have added this keyboard/cover (which wasn't that expensive!) - and the tablet clips easily into it to be a normal little laptop, or it folds over to form the cover. I really am beginning to like it a lot.

Nifty! That's quite affordable compared to what we gave for that laptop years ago.
It'll come together as you use it. My computer guru didn't recommend Win 8 for my desktop computer, but he said it was the ideal O/S for portable devices so your surface and phone should be ideal. I'm totally envious of your surface. I've really been wanting one, but I need other things more so I have to be patient.

It would be a shame if this was the last Writercon. You've enjoyed it for so many years now and always come back inspired and full of ideas. I know that all things must pass, but it's always a shame when the things we most enjoy are those that end.

- Erulisse (one L)
Oh dear indeed! Great pompt answer, so fitting! ;O) I can well relate to your struggles. I'm having my first smartphone since two months or so. When I got it first, it took me a whole day to figure out how to pick it up when it was ringing! *g*
I have a phone with that operating system - it gets easier :D