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Smile please

September 2019



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camera happy

cairistiona7 in photo_scavenger


A collection of old things...

Apologies for the quality. It's far easier to use my phone camera for these prompts, because it can upload straight to Photobucket. What I lose in quality, I gain in ease and speed, which these busy days, trumps all!


An old mirror. My late mother-in-law found this in someone's barn and rescued it. The silvering is eaten away around the edges and the entire thing is too cloudy to be truly useable, so it's really more of an art piece. It has a sort of magical quality that we both fell in love with--I half expect always to actually see glimpses into the past when I look into it. I was very moved when she left it to me after her death.

 photo IMAG1704_zps9f1b0c6c.jpg

Reflected in it you can see, not shadows of ghosts from the past, but more prosaically my antique buffet cabinet--not a family heirloom but something picked up at auction by my sister-in-law. When she went modern in redoing her home decor, she gave it to us.

 photo IMAG1705_zps850ccddd.jpg

Atop the buffet are old family photos and an old copy of Flight, "The Official Organ of the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom", dated August 23, 1923, which I found a few weeks ago at an antiques mall:

 photo IMAG1709_zps2f5c5978.jpg

I bought the periodical for my hubby, who works in the aviation field. It's a fascinating glimpse of the early days of aviation, and we both wish it could tell us how it ended up in an antique dealer's stall in the US midwest some 90 years later!


I rather like the mirror - the sort of dream-like quality of things seen in it. And I also really like your sideboard (buffet), especially with your collection of pictures on it.
I remember the first time I saw that mirror hanging in my MiL's home... I made quite a fuss about it, and it pleased her a lot, because she was afraid people would think her silly for rescuing a mirror that was basically useless as a mirror.
I love that mirror ... what a great shape.

My house has lots of old things around ... only your house looks a lot neater!
It really is an interesting mirror, frame, glass and all.

... only your house looks a lot neater!

It's called "selective aiming". *g* You should have seen the dining room table that's just out of the frame!
I half expect always to actually see glimpses into the past when I look into it.

Ooooh, I would too.
Maybe it has a touch of palantir to it. *g*
I love old things! They have a warmth about them!
They do, don't they! I always feel like they're full of stories.
You have some lovely things.
Thank you!
These are beautiful, and also beautifully old. What a great collection you have there!
Thank you! Most of our "big" pieces come via family hand-me-downs, from my side of the family or his. They're all nice antiques, though none fall in the "priceless" category, which is fine by me as I'd worry too much about them! These are all in the "can and will be banged and scuffed by a child's toy or a vacuum cleaner" category. My antiques are the ones you live with, not the ones you have on display.
This is my favourite antique category as well! :o) My favourite piece is my desk, which is actually an old kitchen table in dark wood from the house of the Grandma of my cousin, and by now perhaps about 100 years old. It has chips and scratches, several burn rings from too hot cups, and has acquired a certain degree of claw marks since. We also needed to saw of part of the feet so it gets the proper height and a part of the front so my legs fit underneath - but I love it dearly, and I have written anything important while sitting at it. Shooting it for the challenge would have meant serious cleaning first, though. *g*
Sounds like a wonderful table. We've "repurposed" a few pieces like that as well. We had a really nice Queen Anne dining room table from the early 1900s that became too rickety in its old age to keep using, so my hubby cut it down and made one of the ends into a hallway table/console. That way I still have at least part of the table, along with the memories that went with it. It took the sting out of having to finally say farewell to it.

Shooting it for the challenge would have meant serious cleaning first, though. *g*

That sounds like... most of my house, actually. *g* I was watching the start of FOTR yesterday and realized that my house is about as cluttered and messy as Bag End!
:o))) Our generall clutter became much better since we're having a cat that sometimes sprays inside (despite being fixed).
He has gotten a lot better, but I have managed to keep the cluttering ratio down since then. Motivation is everything, I suppose. *g*
I love old pieces--especially ones with connections to loved ones. We have a piece of furniture we call Aunt Margaret. We inherited it from her, and we'd refer to it as Aunt Margaret's furniture until we finally dropped the furniture bit. Now, if we send one of us to fetch something out of Aunt Margaret, we all know exactly what we're talking about.

I love the buffet and the mirror. Such warm, friendly pieces.
We have a piece of furniture like your Aunt Margaret that we call "Grandpa's chest". It wasn't my grandpa but my mother's grandpa who owned it. I'm not even sure what it is... part china cabinet, part chest of drawers, part curio cabinet? But we only know it as Grandpa's Chest. *g*