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A collection of old things...

Apologies for the quality. It's far easier to use my phone camera for these prompts, because it can upload straight to Photobucket. What I lose in quality, I gain in ease and speed, which these busy days, trumps all!


An old mirror. My late mother-in-law found this in someone's barn and rescued it. The silvering is eaten away around the edges and the entire thing is too cloudy to be truly useable, so it's really more of an art piece. It has a sort of magical quality that we both fell in love with--I half expect always to actually see glimpses into the past when I look into it. I was very moved when she left it to me after her death.

 photo IMAG1704_zps9f1b0c6c.jpg

Reflected in it you can see, not shadows of ghosts from the past, but more prosaically my antique buffet cabinet--not a family heirloom but something picked up at auction by my sister-in-law. When she went modern in redoing her home decor, she gave it to us.

 photo IMAG1705_zps850ccddd.jpg

Atop the buffet are old family photos and an old copy of Flight, "The Official Organ of the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom", dated August 23, 1923, which I found a few weeks ago at an antiques mall:

 photo IMAG1709_zps2f5c5978.jpg

I bought the periodical for my hubby, who works in the aviation field. It's a fascinating glimpse of the early days of aviation, and we both wish it could tell us how it ended up in an antique dealer's stall in the US midwest some 90 years later!
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